Jason Aldean, “1994”

Jason_Aldean_1994_single_cover_UCNThere’s a popular phrase that can be heard often that goes something like this: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Well in Jason Aldean’s case, I think it’s time to fix it. The superstar’s newest single, “1994,” pays homage to 90’s star Joe Diffie. Unfortunately for Joe, it’s difficult to tell if the song’s purpose is to glorify his music or to mock some of the singer’s biggest hits. Either way, the single is a complete misfire from one of the genre’s biggest stars.

It’s difficult to put into words just how awful this song is. The lyrics offer nothing exciting or unique except cleverly adding titles of Diffie songs such as “Pickup Man,” “John Deere Green,” and “Third Rock from the Sun” amongst a bunch of lyrics that make absolutely no sense. In addition to the lyrical mess, Aldean attempts to keep the single catchy enough for radio by adding several “Joe, Joe, Joe Diffie” chants after each chorus that I’m sure his fans will eat up. The rock production only adds to the confusion as to what the song is actually supposed to be and leaves us questioning…is this country, rock, or rap?

My biggest problem with the song isn’t its lyrics or its production, its the fact that since the release of “Dirt Road Anthem” Jason Aldean feels that he needs to continue the country-rap trend. He incorporated into his previous single, “The Only Way I Know,” which also featured Luke Bryan and Eric Church. I have always said that artists should stick to what they know, but in Aldean’s case he needs to step back and come up with better material. You can only get away with using the same productions, lyrical content, and style for so long before fans get tired of it. Luckily for Jason, it looks like his fans aren’t close to reaching that poin…yet.

Watch Jason Aldean perform “1994” on the Today Show below:

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