Casey James, “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night”

Many of you may remember Casey James from the ninth season of the smash hit television series, American Idol. On the show, he was often seen as one of the most soulful contestants who possessed significant guitar skills; thus, he created an artistic style that mixed blues with a hint of southern-rock. After his departure from the show, it was pretty clear that the blonde heartthrob would be a perfect fit for country music. However, is his debut single a good representation of why he’s the perfect fit for country radio?

“Let’s Don’t Call It a Night” is definitely a solid representation of just who Casey James is as an artist. The single’s production is a fantastic blend of blues, country, and a hint of southern rock that creates a rather sexy and sultry mood. It’s no wonder this song is causing women around the country to be weakened in the knees whenever this song is played on the radio. The sultry electric guitar and the sexy sound of the steel guitar creates a rather risque backdrop to James’ equally seducing vocal performance.

It’s a rarity in country music that you find a vocalist that has the ability to hook you in with the opening line of a song and then keep that interest to the very last note. Casey possesses that talent. From the opening line, “love the way you look in that dress…,” to the very end of the song, James seemingly seduces you into believing he is singing only to you (a quality each and every country-lovin’ woman is absolutely in love with) which makes it difficult to stop listening to. In a way, it’s almost hypnotizing.

The lyrics, written by James, Brice Long, and Terry McBride, aren’t the best to come out of Nashville. But they accomplish the goal of every song, which is to hook listeners in and make them continue to listen throughout the song. Fans, especially women, love when they hear a rather sexy, sultry song sung by a rather good-looking man, and this is definitely going to be no exception.

Overall, this is a solid and strong debut single from an artist who has potential to become country’s newest superstar.


Here is an interview courtesy of Nashville Country Club with Casey about his upcoming album and the new single



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16 responses to “Casey James, “Let’s Don’t Call It A Night”

  1. Doritos2012

    I agree on all points on your review, this song’s a good intro of what Casey is as an artist. Song mainly speaks to women but guys can relate too. So thrilled for his album.

  2. This was a great single to introduce Casey James to the country music world, but I can’t wait for everyone to hear his CD, which is going to be stellar! And if you have the opportunity to see him live, do not hesitate to go, he is just amazing!

  3. Karen

    Thanks for such a great article on Casey! He is such a talented musician and I am looking forward to his album debut with all of his other great songs!

  4. Great review!! Can’t wait till you get your hands on the CD!

  5. Cynthia

    I am so proud of myself for having stuck by him as a fan from Canada since the beginning of his audition on American Idol. I knew from deep within my guts that he had something special to offer the music world after he was in the top 12 finalists and when he made it to top 3, I thought that he had it in the palm of his hand to be the winner, but it doesn’t matter anymore who was the winner of the record deal and the free car because now he has a single out called ” Let’s Don’t Call It A Night “which is climbing the charts. Casey James is going to have a great “State Of The Art” album which he deserves because he worked very hard and tirelessly to make his fans happy. I as a Casey fan, am very very proud!!

  6. Caro

    I wasn’t a really committed fan of Casey James when he was on Idol. He was just alright. And then I watched the Keys Lounge vids of his homecoming and said…who the hell is this?

    So. I followed. Dabbled. Kept an eye on him.

    Now, after watching and listening and figuring him out as an actual artist, not a reality show contestant, this guy is fantastic. I know everyone goes on and on about his guitar skills – and certainly he has them – but I just love his voice when he sings what he’s meant to sing. Bluesy, rocky country. Husky, whiskey-soaked.. and yeah. Sexy. And I adore his unique sound – part blues, part rock, a spice of bluegrass, a bit of humor, a lot of joy… and yeah… definitely a big dose of country.

    Play that geeetar, Casey. But don’t stop singing. And don’t stop writing these amazing songs.

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  8. Definitely agree Casey has a soulful voice. I continue to be impressed by him. Anyone see his acoustic performance of Drive? He sounds fantastic…

    I can’t wait to buy his album on 3/20.

  9. What a great interview! This guy is so talented. I mean, just listen to his acoustic version of “Drive.” Amazing. Can’t wait for the album on 3/20.

  10. dave

    This is a great song. Can’t wait for the new album on 3/20!! James really tears it up on his new song “Drive”. The video for that song is really cool. I really want that car he is driving! I actually found one of his songs on iTunes to hold me over until the new album comes out

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  12. stargazer

    I need this album now!

  13. cocodrilo301

    Casey is so great! Can’t wait for the new album

  14. adamcmr

    I got to see Casey James play in NYC and he blew me away! Such a talented young artist. His video for “Let’s Don’t Call it a Night” is great! …I can;t wait for his debut album on 3/20

  15. Adecmr

    Truly stoked for his upcoming record. He’s incredibly talented! Oh man!

  16. kevincorcoranjr

    casey is one of those guys you just have to love. i had the pleasure of meeting and seeing him play in new york last fall and the guy is both a stunning performer and charming fellow… something not seen very often in the industry. i really appreciate a talented musician who is down to earth and plays truly just for the love of the music, nothing else. his new videos (drive, & let’s don’t call it a night) are awesome… i really can’t wait for his new album in just a few weeks!

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