Josh Kelley, "Gone Like That"

Josh Kelley’s “Georgia Clay” became the pop-turned-country singer/songwriter’s first top 20 hit on Billboard‘s Hot Country Songs chart. Kelley hopes to further that success with the follow up single, “Gone Like That,” from his Georgia Clay album. Does the single have enough appeal to help Josh break through into the top 10?

Having already dabbled in the nostalgic aspect of country music with “Georgia Clay,” Josh Kelley is now tackling the ever popular, and almost must-have, break-up portion of country music with “Gone Like That.”  However, instead of simply singing about the heartbreak and pain that a break-up usually causes, Kelley, along with co-writers Nicholle Galyon and Clint Lagerberg, has penned this song about an unexpected meeting with an ex who simply left without an explanation.

“It’d be hard to say hello to her, when she never said goodbye,” Kelley sings about the thought of having to say hello, “it would take every bit of strength I’ve gained to not get lost in those eyes.” The lyrics depict the emotional struggle one goes through during this situation. “Oh but I can’t take another gone like that, can’t take another hurt so bad that I can’t breathe, I can’t sleep, don’t wanna eat…man I want her back but I can’t take another gone like that.” The narrator knows that he wants the girl back, yet he doesn’t want to go through the hurt and pain that she’s already caused him again, so does he ignore her or does he talk to her? Ultimately the ending is up to your interpretation as the song never reveals how the chance meeting ends, which I happen to love about the song.

The guitar heavy production is considerably less country than “Georgia Clay” and finds Josh returning to his former pop centered roots. The electric guitar is the most dominant instrument in this song along with the drums and keyboard. There are slight hints of a steel guitar in the song, but other than that the instruments that made “Georgia Clay” more country are all but gone. Once again Kelley delivers a fantastic vocal performance that oozes soul and emotion, a vocal aspect that he (and brother Charles Kelley) has mastered.

“Gone Like That” is just as, and maybe even more, relatable than “Georgia Clay” which increases its chances at going further than top 20. However, I think the production could hurt it considering country radio might not like the guitar flavored sound. But nevertheless Josh Kelley is proving once again that he has potential to become a great country singer.

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