Hunter Hayes, "Storm Warning"

Hunter Hayes is one of the newest artists to emerge onto the country music charts. He’s already close to entering the top 40 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart with his debut single, “Storm Warning.” Is this uptempo country/pop ditty the best song choice to introduce him to country radio?

If you were to say that Hunter Hayes is talented would probably be an understatement. This kid is one of the most talented musicians country music has seen within the past ten years. Hunter played every single instrument on his debut single, “Storm Warning,” which includes drums, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, and the keyboard. Not to mention he is also a talented vocalist who had the opportunity to share the stage with Hank Williams Jr. when he was just a toddler. Oh yea and he’s also a talented songwriter whose credits include co-writing Rascal Flatts’ song “Play.” Not bad for a 19 year old kid from the bayou of Louisiana.

“Storm Warning” is an interesting song lyrically, to say the least. The single, written by Hayes along with Gordie Sampson and busbee, compares a girl to a storm. The song’s verses include various lines that map out the comparison: “have you ever noticed every hurricane gets its name from a girl like this, she’s a Cat five kind keeps you up at night hanging on to the end of a kiss.” “I’m gonna wish I had a storm warning, I’m gonna wish I had a sign,” he sings during the chorus, “gonna wish I had a radar system locked in on love, I got a feeling by the time the night finds the morning I’m gonna wish I had a storm warning.” The subject matter is a bit odd, but the end result is rather catchy and contains a hook that stays in your head long after the song has ended.

The production is also an interesting one. The acoustic guitar introduction gives it a country feel while the electric guitar and drums give it more of a bubble gum pop feel. Then you have the mandolin thrown in which almost gives it a bit of a bluegrass feel to it. It is a rather unique production that would fit perfectly into the play lists of country radio stations across the country.

The vocal performance Hunter delivers shows off his talents as a singer. From the lower range he uses during the verses to the higher notes he belts out during the chorus and the bridge, he does a great job at showing nearly every aspect of his vocal ability. You can tell from the tone of his voice that he is a youngster who hasn’t quite developed that more polished and refined tone that usually comes with age, which leads me to believe that his voice could only get better with age.

Hunter has already been hit with the inevitable Justin Beiber comparisons since, just like the Beibs, he is also a fresh faced youngster the girls will swoon over. However Hayes is considerably more talented that Justin which is why I think he has the potential to become a bona fide country star. I’m looking forward to hearing more from this talented kid as he continues to build his career.

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  1. ahh omg I love hunter hayes!! He is wayyy better than justin Bieber.. Love Megan Broussard from New Iberia Louisiana

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