Reba, "Turn On The Radio"

Country’s queen, Reba, has seen a huge comeback in her career over the past year. Her smash hit “Consider Me Gone” became her longest running number one single and helped launch her album, Keep On Loving You, to gold status. After the title track reached the top 10, Reba has decided to release a song from her upcoming album. Does “Turn On The Radio” have enough to continue her incredible run at country radio?

Sometimes artists, usually older artists, try to change their artistic beliefs in order to remain current and relevant during the ever changing styles of country music. Sometimes, though rarely, those risks pay off big time for certain artists. Other times those changes result in a horrendous song that you don’t expect to come from that said artist.

Reba McEntire unfortunately falls into the latter category with her new single, “Turn On The Radio.” On this girl-done-wrong-revenge song, Reba tries her hand at a country rocker but fails miserably. The production is extremely over-done with the blaring guitars and pop drum beats and resembles a mixture of the over-done productions of Carrie Underwood’s “Cowboy Casanova” and “Undo It.” There is just way too much going on that it’s hard to not have a headache by the song’s end. Unfortunately, the production isn’t the only bad part of the song.

The lyrics are some of the worst I’ve heard from Reba in a very long time. The song finds her telling her two timing lover that the only way he’ll ever hear from her is if he turns on his radio. When he does, he can crank up the stereo in his Chevy truck and listen to her sing their song about how he did her wrong. The most ridiculous line comes from the second verse which mentions Twitter and texting in an effort to make the song relevant to the younger generation of fans. The only thing that could’ve saved this song from being a total trainwreck is Reba’s vocal performance but because the production and lyrics are already a trainwreck the vocals are brought down because of it.

Considering Reba has delivered so many classics over her illustrious career and is considered the Queen of Country music, I expect way more than this trainwreck of a song. It’s a shame that this song is in the same catalog as some of her classics like “Whoever’s in New England,” “For My Broken Heart,” and “You Lie.” However, because she’s released plenty of classics over the years, I think she deserves a free pass to release bad songs every once in awhile. Let’s hope this is the only time she cashes that pass in.


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7 responses to “Reba, "Turn On The Radio"

  1. first off.. you got the song's name wrong. what a way to start a review!! seriously Reba's song isn't that bad and i garranty you and everyone else that wrote a bad review about this song, that it will be another chart topping hit. and in any case i'm glad your bad review wont have an impact on the song because the only people worth listening to are the listeners and the fans who get Reba the recognition she deserves. I know Reba won't be going away any time soon so get use to the fact that she is probably the only aartist that has such strong staying power. Thumbs down to your review and Thumbs up to "TURN ON THE RADIO".

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  3. I think Aaron's definitely giving Reba the recognition she deserves. He did acknowlege the enormous impact she's had on country music. He's just saying that this song is not up to par with her best songs. And nobody said that it wouldn't be a hit, but just because a song becomes a hit doesn't mean it's worth anything – not in the current radio climate anyway.

  4. Hey watch it i love that song sure it isn't Reba's usual style but it's still awesome. Reba has got real country talent both with those country classics and the new pop/rock country of today the fact that she can pull that off just makes her even better. COUNTY'S QUEEN IS STILL GOI'N STRONG and my advice to you is just to DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!

  5. Interstingly, I am not a big Reba fan, yet I think this song and Reba's renditon of it rocks! Yes the production is a little over the top pop, but that is what this song calls for. Reba pulls it off in my opinion. I think this song would garner a fair amount of air play, if one had no pre-conceptions towards Ms. Reba and her style.

  6. I have heard a lot of country artist try new things, but to me Reba hit this one out of the park. This review sucks….I think it one of her best song ever and i have a stack of CD and albums to prove it…This song is moving up the charts as we speak….Time will tell who's right

  7. Well, this made it to number one in both the United States and Canada. I think it is a great song and obviously I am not alone. It is very different, but what's wrong with shaking things up every now and then?

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