Stealing Angels, "He Better Be Dead"

New country group Stealing Angels seem to have everything going for them based on where they come from, Tayla Lynn is the granddaughter of Loretta Lynn, Jennifer Wayne is the graddaughter of John Wayne, and Caroline Cutbirth is a descendant of Daniel Boone. The group has released its debut single to country radio titled, “He Better Be Dead.” Does the trio have what it takes to make a splash at country radio?

This decade has seen a big boost in female artists releasing revenge songs to country radio. Carrie Underwood had the brilliant “Before He Cheats,” while Miranda Lambert had the equally brilliant “Gunpowder and Lead,” “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” and “White Liar.” Stealing Angels’ “He Better Be Dead” is their version of a girl-done-wrong anthem.

The song – written by the trio along with Leslie Satcher – finds its protagonist angry after the man she had a one night “playdate” with the night before hasn’t replied to any of 21 text messages. Not only is she bitter with the fact that he’s not replying, but she’s also dealing with being played and made to look like a fool. With her anger reaching a boiling point, she begins to imagine different scenarios he could be in that are preventing him from calling or texting. Ranging from his car hanging off a cliff to being tied to a motel bed after being “handcuffed, gagged, and bound,” all leading up to the main excuse that he better be dead.

Taking the lead vocals is Tayloa Lynn which is a perfect choice for the song. Lynn, much like her grandmother, has a voice filled with plenty of southern, country twang that suits the song perfectly. The remaining women of the trio provide excellent harmonies that remind me of sister group Carter’s Chord. The production Paul Worley comes up with is exceptional and manages to be a bit loud without overshadowing the vocals.

Stealing Angels fill this song with plenty of attitude that gives it a very mainstream feel. Unfortunately, it’s doubtful that this song will gain major airplay at country radio. However, that doesn’t mean the song isn’t good enough because it is. This is a solid debut from this new country group and I’m looking forward to hearing more from these angels.

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