Josh Turner, "All Over Me"

Country crooner Josh Turner recently reached the top of the charts with his hit, “Why Don’t We Just Dance.” With hopes to once again reach that position, he’s released the second single off his album Haywire. During the summer radio season, the airwaves will be filled with fun, uptempo songs that paint images of various summer activities (i.e “Water,” and “Roll With It”). Following the trend, Turner has released “All Over Me” to radio. Is the song original enough to seperate itself from the other songs of summer?

With “All Over Me,” Josh Turner has nailed the formula of what a summer radio song should be. Beginning with the production, Turner conjures up a sound that’s a little bit of blues, a little bit of traditional country, and just mainstream enough to be played on today’s country radio. While most other summer song productions choose to use country-pop beats for an intro, Turner uses a unique blend of piano and guitar that will no doubt cause a bit of shock at country radio. Once the intro finishes, the full band comes in and provides a unique sound that leads you to imagine yourself driving along the beach or ocean with the windows rolled down and blasting this song.

The upbeat production leads right into a song that is most definitely in Turner’s wheel house. The song’s about Turner and his lover heading down to the river to have some fun on a hot day. Lyrically, the song includes some extremely simple, yet catchy, lyrics like the first line of the chorus (bring on the sunshine/bring on a good time/girl let me look at you) and the line about coppertone 45 (grab your shades and your string bikini/and your coppertone 45).

The combination of the lyrics and the production allows Josh to show off his personality and charm that have melted the hearts of many of his female fans. His vocal performance is fairly simple but it only adds to the carefree theme of the song. Overall, the song is a breath of fresh air at country radio and provides the diversity that is lacking among this season’s singles.

To purchase Turner’s “All Over Me,” click on the image below.
All Over Me

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  1. You nailed it on just how great this song is. Thank you!

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