Keith Urban, "I’m In"

For the fifth single from his latest album Defying Gravity Keith Urban has chosen his cover of the Radney Foster song, “I’m In.” With the previous four singles from the album all peaking within the top five, does Keith do enough with this song to make it a hit on today’s mainstream radio?

On “I’m In,” Keith Urban returns to the sounds that have helped launch him to superstardom. Urban uses a killer guitar melody along with a very country pop production that takes you on a bit of a ride. The production is at its softest during the first verse with the full band kicking in during the chorus. Once the song hits the bridge the band all but stops and leaves Keith with just his vocal presence and an accompanying guitar line that builds and builds to a full blown climax with a massive guitar riff. As the song winds down, so does the production until all you hear at the end is Urban delivering the final line of the song.

Keith is no stranger to covering Radney Foster songs. With “Raining on Sunday” being his best, Urban fails to match the connection he made on “Sunday” with “I’m In.” His vocal performance seems a bit lazy and little on the safe side. Even when the production builds to a climax during the bridge, Urban fails to match that rise vocally and relies on the production to execute that climax.

Overall, it’s an unenthusiastic cover of a song. Though he makes an attempt at making the song more current and mainstream, Keith falls a bit short and, instead, delivers a disconnected and tepid country pop song. Though it’s not his best artistically, it’ll most likely be another big hit for Urban.

To purchase the song, click the image below.

I'm In


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10 responses to “Keith Urban, "I’m In"

  1. Awww…did you get up on the wrong side of the bed? Have a fight with your better half? Feeling woozy from a spin in the teacups at Disney World? Must be something going on to write a review like that. "I'm In" may not be the most powerful song Keith has ever recorded, but it is fun and sexy, and just what his fans wanted to hear as his 5th release from "Defying Gravity". So I'll take your review as a grain of salt…not enough taste for my satisfaction.

  2. I'm In is a really great performance of a really fun, light hearted song. Just what summer calls for . With so many mediocre songs out there, you would think that an artist like Keith urban who ALWAYS delivers "artistic" songs and songs with heart and feeling would get the respect he so richly deserves. Why is it you critics love any silly joke put to music and slam truly excellent work?

  3. Well, I think its a really good song. Much better than a lot of the other crap out there on country radio!!

  4. I love Keith's version of "I'm In"! My 10 year old niece even loves singing a long with it, well she does have to change one word in the chorus ( ha ha). That should say it all, because kids are very picky. Anyway, it is fantastic. I am hoping for number 1 on this one, because Keith deserves it!!!!!

  5. Vocal performance lazy? Are you kidding me? That review is a joke. Keith puts everything into a song, including emotion that takes us all to another level. It's a great and enthusiastic cover of this song and yes he did live up to the job of making it current. Keith does deserve more respect out of Nashville. Your second paragraph sounds like it is going to be a great review and bam you slam him like a potato sack in the 3rd paragraph. What's up with that?

  6. I totally agree with all the comments. That review is way off base. This song has been popular with his fans ever since it was first heard when Defying Gravity came out. It is a great, light-hearted, catchy song perfect for summer. I agree it is very sexy too! This review is way off base.

  7. Ok…so maybe my word choice in some parts of the review weren't really what I was going for. Rather than saying his vocal performance was lazy, I should've said it was unenergetic. Most of the time, Keith nails every song in that his vocal performance, energy, and enthusiasm match the powerful production that accompanys him. However, sometimes, though rarely, he misses it and this is, in my opinion, one of those times. I'm a huge fan of Keith, I've seen him in concert plenty of times, but I just don't think this is his best.I will say that this song sounds a million times better live because you can feel the energy that was intended to be on the recorded track, but it just doesn't come through.

  8. You need to relisten to the recorded track. "Wore out everything I AM. Now that's energy.

  9. Well, I for one am very excited to have I'm In released and I think this song has plenty of energy!! Keith can deliver any song with emotion and great vocals and guitar playing. That's a lot more than some of these other artist out there in the country music world with their silly songs! I am ready to have fun and listen to I'm In!

  10. Kathy – the line is "pour out everything I am" … Aaron, I don't know if you're responding to the track as recorded on the album, or on the radio edit, but I have to say that I was disappointed in the final radio edit. I LOVE "I'm In" as recorded on the album, and even more live, but there seems to be something missing from the radio edit that always leaves me a little wanting when i hear it on the radio. I can't place my finger on it exactly, because it's not that much different. But, it's a great song. My real question is, where the heck is the video for this song???

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