Single Review: Laura Bell Bundy, "Giddy On Up"

Brodway star Laura Bell Bundy trys her hand at country music with her debut single, which is another girl done wrong by her cheating boyfriend song, something that’s become the norm among country’s newest female artists. But is her song strong enough to seperate her from the pack of country blonde powerhouses Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift?

“Giddy On Up” has quite a catchy country-pop hook and after hearing it you instantly find yourself singing the chorus. Unlike some of the other pop-country artists, Bundy infuses the pop hook with plenty of banjo and fiddle sounds which keeps it more on the country side, but barely. Her voice, which reminds me of Kellie Pickler, packs plenty of personality which is needed to pull of a song like this; however, I can see some listeners finding it somewhat irritating and annoying.

Though the song exudes plenty of Bundy’s charm and personality, I think it’s a bit too much. The production seems loose and rambunctious because there’s just way too much going on in the song and finds her fighting to be heard over the music.

If Laura Bell Bundy wants to compete with the likes of Underwood and Swift at country radio, she’s going to need stronger material and tighter production.

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One response to “Single Review: Laura Bell Bundy, "Giddy On Up"

  1. I know a lot of people love to hate "Giddy On Up." There's really nothing particularly original about the song's lyrics, other than a reference to Bath and Body Words, but it seems like the song mostly makes its mark through production. The horn arrangements really make it stand out on the radio. While it does include a few pop hooks, the song's melody sounds distinctly country. The song dares you to hate it, but somehow it hits me in the right spot, and I like it.

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