Single Review: Danny Gokey, "My Best Days Are Ahead of Me"

On the last season of the hit tv show American Idol, Danny Gokey struck a chord with fans who voted him to a third place finish. After surprisingly signing a record deal with RCA Nashville, Gokey released his debut single to country radio titled “My Best Days Are Ahead of Me.” Can his success on Idol carry over to the country charts?

While on the show, it was often said that Danny’s voice was filled with lots of soul and I’m sure everyone thought he’d go down that road once his run on Idol was over. Instead, he went with country where he can’t really show off the soulfulness in his voice as much. That’s the most obvious flaw with his debut single. The song doesn’t allow Danny to show off his soulful vocal range, though he fights to include his signature growl and high notes into parts of the song.

Lyrically, the song is very mediocre in conveying its overdone message of how there will always be better days ahead in life. The song includes cliche verses about realizing you’re still young enough to look into the future and know that your best days are ahead of you and verses about how you have more “sunsets to witness” and more “beaches to walk on.”

The music reminds me a bit of Jessica Simpson’s country tune “Come On Over” in that they both contain a steel guitar melody that takes a back seat to the pop-leaning production. Paired with Gokey’s vocals, the production seems a bit out of place and doesn’t quite fit in with the singer’s signature sound.

It’s obvious the purpose of releasing this as the debut single was to make a splash at country radio. However, I think it’ll cause a flop instead. Here’s to hoping he has better material on his debut album which is set for a March 2nd release.

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