Chris Young, "You"

This has been a summer like no other for country crooner Chris Young. His third studio album, Neon, landed at number two on the country albums chart and he just scored his fourth consecutive number one song with the album’s lead single, “Tomorrow.” Chris and his camp have chosen the album’s second single which is the radio friendly love song “You.”

Before the album’s release, I heard “You” performed acoustically on XM/Sirius Satellite Radio and the song instantly became a favorite of mine. My biggest fear was that the studio version’s production would somehow ruin the song. Thankfully Chris and producer James Stroud managed to keep the production light, fun, and a little flirtatious. A simple fiddle and guitar laden production allows the song’s lyrics, written by Young and Luke Laird, and the vocal performance to be at the song’s forefront.

The lyrics aren’t the best thing to hit country music (“girl you rock me harder than some downtown band”…really?), but thanks to a unique melody and hook, they are extremely catchy. I know I was instantly hooked when I heard the song and could not get the chorus’ last line (“I’ve never found anything that makes me feel like I do about you”) out of my head for days. Though they don’t scream artistic greatness, the words make for a sure fire hit that country fans will eat up. After all we’re talking about the same radio audience that sent the less artistic “Honey Bee” to number one.

What makes the song such a great radio friendly hit, and one of my favorite tracks on the album, is the country crooner’s fantastic vocal performance and delivery. With “You,” Chris shows off the charmful, flirtatious side that has made him one of country’s most eligible bachelors. The crooner uses his strong baritone voice in a more lighthearted and up beat tone that is almost a complete 180 degree turn from the delivery of “Tomorrow.”

“You” will most definitely go straight to the top of the singles chart because of it’s production and Chris’ vocal delivery. This is just another step Chris Young is taking towards country super-stardom, something that he’ll achieve very soon. Look out Brad and Blake, Chris Young is headed your way.

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