Danny Gokey, "I Will Not Say Goodbye"

American Idol alum Danny Gokey first hit the charts last year with his debut single, “My Best Days are Ahead of Me.” After the single barely cracked the top 25 on the country songs chart, Gokey is hoping his latest release, “I Will Not Say Goodbye,” will help push him further up the charts. Does “Goodbye” have what it takes to resonate among country’s radio audience?
What I love about country music is that it has the potential to help its listeners deal and overcome the pain of heartache. On Danny Gokey’s latest single, “I Will Not Say Goodbye,” he delivers a song that does just that. However, instead of having to overcome the pain of a breakup like most songs do, this one deals with the pain of losing someone unexpectedly and how hard it is to say goodbye.

Having lost his wife Sophia back in 2008, it’s no wonder why he pours every bit of heart and soul he has into this Lari White, Chuck Cannon, and Vicky McGehee song. With lyrics as heartbreaking as the ones found in the chorus (I don’t want to feel better/I don’t to not remember/I will always see your face/In the shadows of this haunted place/I will laugh, I will cry/Shake my fist at the sky/but I will not say goodbye) it’s extremely hard to not find yourself feeling the emotion that Danny’s vocal performance evokes.The production that producer Mark Bright conjures up is extremely haunting and allows Gokey’s vocals to take center stage and never overshadows them.

His ability to emote emotions into every viewer on American Idol was what helped him reach the final three and proved what kind of artist he should be. Though the other songs on his debut album, My Best Days, lacks the soulfulness he showed on Idol, he more than makes up for it with this song which I feel is definitely the highlight of the album.  

Among today’s country radio hits, it’s extremely difficult to find a song that is delivered with as much heart, soul, and emotion like this song. I have a feeling this will be Gokey’s breakout hit and will most likely become the signature song off his debut album.

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