Jamie Lynn Spears, “How Could I Want More”

Jamie-Lynn-Spears-How-Could-I-Want-More-2013-1200x1200Jamie Lynn Spears is professionally known as the star of the Nickelodeon show Zoey 101. However, she is most known as the little sister of pop superstar Britney Spears. The younger Spears sister is showing that she has talent as well by releasing her first country music single. Let’s just say the song isn’t what you’d expect.

Who knew a member of the Spears clan could create one of the most country sounding songs on radio?! In what has to be the surprise of the year, Jamie Lynn delivers a fantastic, simple production that is worthy of being heard next to songs by Ashley Monroe and Kacey Musgraves. The Louisiana native finds herself honoring her Southern roots by leaning more on the traditional side of the country music line. Stellar slide guitar lines can be heard throughout the song while the faint cry of a pedal steel guitar also makes an appearance.

Spears proves to be quite the story-teller as she delivers an authentic and emotional vocal performance. She narrates the story of not being able to love a man as much as he loves her with an immense amount of heart and soul. Spears shines as she delivers each personal line with such honesty, regret, and hurt. Written by Jamie Lynn and Rivers Rutherford, the song proves that the singer is definitely wise beyond her 22 years of age.

Jamie Lynn Spears, as of right now, is proving to be one of those artists that the genre so desperately needs: genuine, authentic, and real. Her songwriting provides us with lyrics that are extremely personal and relatable. Not to mention she’s not afraid to show off her traditional country roots. Here’s to hoping the songstress remains on the traditional side of the tracks because it is clearly something she can handle with ease.

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