Me and Country Music: The Internship

524643_10150790832431393_783620840_nIf you’ve gotten the opportunity to look back at the number of posts made in 2012 and 2013, you would see that there haven’t been many. My life has become extremely busy with juggling work and school as well as getting the opportunity to complete an internship at the local CBS Radio Station offices. To date, it is one of the best experiences of my life.

I’ve always dreamt of working in the country music industry, which is why I am completing my bachelor’s degree in Music Business. Part of my degree program was completing an internship with a company in the industry. I was lucky enough to complete mine at CBS Radio, which is home to three radio stations in Arizona: KMLE 107.9, KZON 101.5, and KOOL 94.5. Of course most of my time was spent with the country station KMLE. As a promotions/marketing intern I was able to participate in live remotes, promotional events, concerts, and special events the radio station would have, and even blogging for the morning show, Tim and Willy in the Morning.

419202_10150663761891393_1624589510_n Some of my favorite events were setting up and working various concert events. One of the most memorable was the George Strait and Martina McBride concert. It was an incredibly long day that began at 5AM and ended after 10PM, but it was the most I’ve ever had. We spent the entire day talking to listeners, promoting upcoming events, drawing winners for meet and greet passes, upgrading tickets, and simply walking around dancing to the music that was played in the plaza. I didn’t get to attend the concert, but I had just as much fun on the outside.

374168_10150800780541393_182615559_nAnother favorite event of mine was being able to be behind-the-scenes for the station’s biggest event, Country Thunder. The four-day music festival is always a must attend for me as a fan so getting the opportunity to work the event and attend all four days for free was incredible. We spent all four days talking to listeners, playing games, interviewing artists, and simply enjoying the sweet sound of country music the entire day. Some of the festival’s performers included Blake Shelton, The Band Perry, Dierks Bentley, Jake Owen, Kellie Pickler, Eli Young Band, and many, many more. It was an incredible four days that I surely won’t ever forget.

563684_10150790833571393_796801386_n Another perk to the internship was being able to meet some of my favorite artists. I got the chance to rub elbows with Thompson Square, Katie Armiger, Love & Theft, Gwen Sebastian, Tyler Farr, Thomas Rhett, and more. Being able to see artists on their radio tours was something I’ve always been interested in learning more about. It is interesting to think that only a year ago I had no idea who Farr or Rhett were, but now they are scoring number one hits.430220_10150691285681393_549456921_n

One of the most interesting parts of the internship was being able to go in every morning and blog for the station’s morning show. At the time, it was the Tim and Willy Morning Show so I would blog about topics they discussed on the radio or about concert announcements, contests, and anything else I could think of relating to country music. It was an incredible learning experience for me. Not to mention they helped me cross holding an ACM award off my bucket list because they won one back in the day.


Overall the internship was a huge learning experience for me. I was there all day, every day soaking up every ounce of information available to me. I was able to leave the station after the four-month internship with a huge wealth of knowledge about radio and the industry. That’s an asset that I believe will take me far in my quest to have a career in the country music industry. The fact that it was a dream come true is just a cherry on top of an incredible sundae.


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3 responses to “Me and Country Music: The Internship

  1. steve miller

    Aaron, your enthusiasm for your work and Country Music in general is undeniable and the expression you have holding the award is priceless. Also the statement regarding your not being able to attend the Strait/McBride Concert you were working on, but that you still felt very uplifted by participating in the event. It has been a while since I had my first internship, but I recall some of the same feelings you express; it doesn’t matter what it is that you are doing as long as you are contributing. I think all of us following your blog are asking, “What is Aaron doing now (in addition to pursuing your degree)?” Please keep us “posted.”

  2. Amber Heston

    Aaron, let me start by saying I truly enjoy reading your posts on your blog. I can tell you are extremely enthusiastic about and have a true love for country music. I share in your enthusiasm. I have been a country music fan my whole life and love listening to and singing along with the music. Country music gives you a special feeling. Sometimes I feel that a specific song is meant especially for me. I can only imagine the way you felt to actually have the opportunity to intern for CBS radio. Having a job that you love to do as well as having the perks of meeting some of your favorite artists would be a dream come true. At the end of your internship, were you afforded the opportunity to full-time employment or the possibility in the future? Even if you didn’t, at least you did get great experience to take with you. I don’t feel you will have any trouble succeeding in your goal to become part of the country music industry. With your enthusiasm and true determination, you will go far. I hope you continue keeping current with your blog. I will definitely use it to keep up on country music news and events.

  3. Jasmine J.

    Hi Aaron,

    I am a Music Business major as well and your journey is both amazing and inspiring. It is so exciting to witness passion married with drive at its best. Not only that, but you serious about this to the point of making a bucket list. How awesome is that to have the opportunity hold an ACM award during an internship and check that goal off? To see how humble you are by each experience is incredible. Wherever your path leads you within the music industry, I am sure you will make a huge impact. Honestly, I feel you have already done so with your enthusiasm and support for music alone. You have inspired me and I wish you the very best in all that you do. You are going to go very far.


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