All Things Country: The Reboot

clock_gears_wallp_long_goodbye_high_resolution_desktop_1600x1290_hd-wallpaper-891659Today I awoke thinking about time that has passed. I took a moment to reflect on incidents and changes that have happened in my life in recent years. As I thought about everything that has happened, I remembered one thing was always a constant…my love and passion for country music. It was then that I realized that I have been blogging about country music for nearly four years! It is a bit crazy to think that what started as an innocent hobby would be the one constant in my life (well, other than family and friends of course). I then began to think about how I’ve been neglecting my site for the greater part of this year. Well folks, that’s about to change.

It is time to get back to what I love…writing about country music. So it is time to change things here at ATC. Don’t worry though, I’m not changing anything content related. That means that all of you country music enthusiasts out there can still come here to read about what I think of the latest singles or albums from today’s superstars and rising newcomers. You are still encouraged to come voice your own opinions as well; after all, a little debating can be healthy. By saying there will be change I am simply saying All Things Country will now be filled with more insight into the genre as a whole and will be updated multiple times a week. Look for more single and album reviews as well as more “Me and Country Music” features and a few surprises thrown in for kicks. I am excited to say that I am already beginning work on my year-end lists for top albums, singles, and artists of the year 2013. So, if you guys have any suggestions, please feel free to share! Also I am gearing up for my favorite week of the year…CMA Awards week! Look for features to be posted about the nominees as well as my official predictions for the night’s winners.

Simply writing about all the changes and articles I am working on is relighting the fire within. I want to thank all of you for sticking with me these past four years and I hope you’ll stick with me for the future.


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2 responses to “All Things Country: The Reboot

  1. Music of any kind makes the world go round. Looking at your blog, I see that you were committed (and now back again) to this for a few years and that’s great. Now I’m not a listener of country music (not heavily anyway, but I do listen), but the level of commitment on this blog as well as content is great.

  2. Smiller1951

    Your passion for the music is evident as is the four year experience in writing. I think I will be come a frequent visitor. I would like to hear a bit about your views of “outlaw country” and how you think that has influenced some of today’s artists.

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