Taylor Swift, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

Country music has seen a lot of teenagers achieve success throughout its history such as artists like Leann Rimes and Tanya Tucker to current artists like Scotty McCreery, and Lauren Alaina. To be a child star takes a lot of growing up in the spotlight and having to mature quicker than the normal teenager. That’s something those artists have done well. Rarely have we seen them act or release music that would make us believe otherwise. That’s why it’s a little embarrassing for Taylor Swift that, as a 22 year old, she would stoop to such a low level of maturity like on the new single, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”

Everything about this song is coated in juvenile characteristics, including the title. But it’s the switching between Swift’s atrocious singing and the adolescent speaking portions that are the most irritating components of the single. It’s difficult to tell if she’s trying to mock the persona of a snotty teenage girl gossiping by the lockers with the constant use of the words “like” and “whatever,” or if that just accidentally happened. If that’s the case then I’m starting to wonder about Taylor’s level of maturity. Irregardless it’s extremely challenging to take this song seriously.

Another rather annoying component of the song is its use of “oooooh’s” and its sing-a-long chorus. It’s clear this song wasn’t built around the lyrics, but rather a relatively catchy melody that would satisfy the singer’s youthful audience. The chorus, complete with the “oooh’s,” might have worked had they been delivered on pitch rather than the shrieking manner which is presented in the final recording. Vocally this is the worst we’ve heard from Taylor and that includes her countless off-key awards show performances.

This single is a big disappointment from an artist who was beginning to show so much depth and artistry with songs like “Mean” and her duet with The Civil Wars, “Safe & Sound.” In fact, she was actually beginning to show how she’s grown and matured. This, needless to say, is one giant leap backward.

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  1. rowdyred

    That photo of her reminds me of Lolita, and I suspect that’s intentional. If I had to guess her age based on that pic, I would definitely guess low, say somewhere around 16. What’s up with that? The entire “package” of this single screams adolescent, petulant, self-absorption. I remember once hearing her say on tv that if she ever had a 10-minute conversation with you (anyone), she’d probably write a song about it. She seemed to suggest she couldn’t help herself; I guess she wasn’t kidding. Unfortunately, she specializes in spite. At this point I wonder why any man, of any age, would go anywhere near her.

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