2012 CMA Preview: Who Will Be Nominees?

Recently the Country Music Association announced that Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley will once again be hosts of the CMA Awards, which will be held November 1st. By now you guys should know that I am big awards show fan so the announcement lit the fire of excitement for awards season. Not to mention CMA ballots were just recently sent out to voters which means the list of nominees will be made known in the not-so-distant future (maybe next month?). So to get ready, I am predicting who will snag a coveted spot in each category!

This first round of predictions features the artist categories while the album and song categories will be featured in a later post. Do you guys agree or disagree with my picks? Who do you think I left out? Let me know!!

This year’s Entertainer race will look a lot like last year’s. Reigning winner Taylor Swift will no doubt be in the running to win her third trophy in the last four years. Meanwhile Jason Aldean, Brad Paisley, and Blake Shelton should be back in the race this year considering they have been some of the biggest artists in the genre. The fifth spot went to Keith Urban last year but I believe he’ll be kicked out of the category to make room for Kenny Chesney, who once again has the top country music tour with his co-headlining venture with Tim McGraw.

Just like the Entertainer race, the Male Vocalist category will include four returning nominees including two-time winner Blake Shelton, Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney, and Brad Paisley. Last year Keith Urban surprisingly snuck into this category, but with a handful of new male superstars taking over country radio, he won’t be back this year. That will leave one spot open for three frontrunners who should all nab their first nomination in this category. They include Luke Bryan, Eric Church, and Chris Young. It’ll be interesting to see who gets that last spot, but if I had to pick a horse I’d pick Luke to get his first vocalist nomination.

This category hasn’t seen much change in recent years and this year will be no different. All five ladies – Sara Evans, Miranda Lambert, Martina McBride, Taylor Swift, and Carrie Underwood – from last year will all be back again this year. The only thing that won’t be the same? Miranda Lambert will be faced with a challenge from Underwood for the title.

Once again we find a category that will see little change this year. Four spots are locks for returning nominees The Band Perry, Rascal Flatts, and Zac Brown Band as well reigning champs Lady Antebellum. The fifth and final spot usually belongs to category fillers Little Big Town, but this year they’ll be challenged for that last spot by the smoking hot Eli Young Band. With “Crazy Girl” and “Even If It Breaks Your Heart” being two of the most played singles in the past year, I wouldn’t be surprised to see EYB get the nod.

This year’s Vocal Duo race will be an interesting one. The obvious locks are last year’s winner Sugarland and this year’s frontrunner Thompson Square. The other three spots will simply be fillers who won’t be much of a challenge to the previously mentioned duos for the win. Last year saw Steel Magnolia slide in, but they’ll most likely be replaced by Love & Theft this year. Meanwhile The Civil Wars and Montgomery Gentry could possibly round out the category for another year.

Out of all the categories, I am most excited to see who will land a spot in this year’s New Artist race. Two spots will no doubt be occupied by returning nominees Eric Church and Thompson Square (who will be this year’s frontrunners). That leaves three spots open for a ton of artists to take. The Eli Young Band should claim one of those spots based off the momentum “Crazy Girl” and “Even if it Breaks Your Heart” has created for the group. I’m going out on a limb by saying newcomer Kip Moore will nab a spot based off the massive success of his breakout single, “Somethin’ Bout a Truck.” That leaves one spot open for one of the following six “new” artists: Jake Owen, Lee Brice, Scotty McCreery, Love & Theft, Gloriana, and Jana Kramer. That race is too close for me to call but I would bet on Owen and Brice based on the past year alone.


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37 responses to “2012 CMA Preview: Who Will Be Nominees?

  1. ryaneee

    Take out Taylor in the EOTY category and put in Carrie, Taylor didnt do much to get nominated this year and Carrie did enough to sneak in there, shes also long over due for her EOTY from them.

  2. yeah Taylor did not tour this year. She is now a full blown pop artist instead of pretending to be country– her new single is worse then that Rebecca Black Friday pop song. it kills me to see her win anything remotely country, especially with that terrible voice. I would give her spot to Lady A, as Carrie didn’t tour either. But Carrie DOES deserve a long overdue EOTY next year after her new Blown Away tour is over. I am tired of her being snubbed.

  3. I agree totally. taylor does not belong in EOTY she didn’t do hardley anything.Taylor doesn”t belong in country music at all, she is all pop, don’t you people get it.
    whats wrong with the CMAs? can’t you get anything right. Put Carrie in for EOTY and let the people vote. CMAS you no you have alot of guts to have Carrie as host of the show the last few years for your ratings but you don”t want to give her hardley any awards which she deserves.you have snubed her long enough
    what does the CMAS have against Carrie to treat her like this every year?
    she is good enough to host your show but not good enough from you to get awards. you people are nothing but a joke.

  4. Lynn

    @ryanee – I’m a huge Carrie fan, but even I will admit that there are several artists more deserving of an entertainer nod this year than Carrie. Tim McGraw, Lady Antebellum come to mind. Carrie did not tour during the eligibility period. When the time comes (if it comes) that Carrie will be nominated for entertainer, I want it during the year when she’s most deserving. I think next year she’ll be a strong contender.

    • ryaneee

      I agree that there are artist that deserve the nominations, BUT these award shows are strictly politics, if they weren’t then it’s safe to say Carrie would win every Female Vocalist of The Year award. Given that these are all political, I would say Carrie has the best shot given how well her album was received by the critics.

  5. Candace

    I think Lady A should be in the EOTY category. They played to over a million fans on their Own The Night Tour in the US, Canada and Europe combined.

  6. simon

    Carrie for EOTY !!! and Female Vocalist and Album!

  7. new artist of the year Scotty Mccreery

  8. bonniebengal

    I think Lauren Alaina should have a shot at the New Artist of the Year spot, as well as Hunter Hayes.

  9. Ann pickens

    Scotty mccreery new artist of the year

  10. Ann pickens

    Scotty mccreery new artist of the year.

  11. Iona Jones

    Lauren Alaina absolutely should be a new artist nominee!

  12. Kathleen Ryan

    I would say skip Taylor for entertainer she didn’t tour nor is she a
    country singer, mostly pop and always the same theme to every song. ETOY should be more then earning dollars it should
    reflect talent and singing ability. Carrie has Taylor beat all around
    in singing and entertaining.

  13. Joey A

    Lauren Alaina should definately be nominated for Best New Artist!

  14. Scotty McCreery should be included in new artist of the year

  15. Roseann Schrichte

    SCOTTY MCCREERY for New Artist

  16. mom4scm


  17. John Watson



  19. Ola Alston

    I think that Scotty McCreery should be nominated for Artist of the year.

  20. Mary Grace

    Scotty McCreery – New Artist of the Year

  21. jojo

    Scotty Mccreery for New Artist of the Year. Take off Taylor Swift, she’s a pop artist not country. What’s wrong with CMA?

  22. Sharon Jiles

    SCOTTY MCCREERY—New Artist of the Year!!! Scotty has had a phenomonal year!

  23. Lauren Alaina should be New Artist !!!

  24. kay

    scotty mccreery should be New Artist of the Year

  25. katie

    Scotty McCreery should not only be nominated for New Artist of the Year. Scotty should be taking home the CMA.

  26. Chris

    Taylor has lots of money like her label does, so she will forever win country awards for her pop music. Same with Lady A. Like Taylor they are more successful on pop radio considering all singles get released to pop radio. Yet not one single from Carrie has ever been released to pop radio and she gets no love from award shows. At least since Joe Galante left, that’s when Carrie has gone home empty handed three years in a row despite based on the CMA, ACM and Grammy rules to qualify to win Carrie still loses. It’s like no one goes by the rule book anymore. It’s whoever has more power and money. Carrie trumps Miranda on many factors based on rules, yet Carrie gets over looked. I guess. Nashville prefers a trash talker to represent country music vs a kind hearted and giving artist.

  27. celeste oconnell

    Scotty mccreery should be new artist of the year

  28. Elise

    Hands down, Scotty McCreery for new artist of the year! He has had a phenomenal year!! What an incredible young man, in my opinion!

  29. Ann pickens

    Scotty Scotty Scotty Mccreery new artist . Come on Cma do the right thing Scotty should win new artist.

  30. ashawver@rochester.rr.com

    Scotty McCreery all the way – New Artist of the Year!!
    A true Country artist!!

  31. Ola Alston

    Scotty McCreery all the way for new artist of the year, true country artist.

  32. linda taylor

    scotty mccreery for new artist of the year. well deserved.

  33. ryaneee

    Regarding the Female Vocalist of The Year category and other topics, Carrie had 2 number ones during the eligibility period, Miranda had 1, Taylor had 1, Sara had 0, and Martina had 0. Also, seeing how Miranda’s popularity has taken a serious hit, Carrie is destined for this victory; was Miranda even popular? Or did Sony shove her down our throats? I saw a post regarding how Big Machine has a lot of money (Taylors record label) need I remind you they are independent and solely rely on Taylor to bring the money in? She’s the only one of their artists who as an endorsement deal. Carrie and Miranda’s label (Sony, divided into Arista Nashville for Carrie and RCA for Miranda) has THE deepest pockets in all of Country Music and have the most power in these award shows. Taylor won EOTY twice due to the fact that Reba has a sub record deal with Big Machine entitled Valery and Reba herself has a huge strangle hold on the CMA and ACM (Yes she has that much influence on the voting). So Reba simply agrees to persuade the voters to vote for Taylor due to the fact that she is tied into Big Machine.

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