Tim McGraw, “Truck Yeah”

Tim McGraw is one of country music’s biggest superstars and serves as a role model for some of the genre’s newcomers who long to have a career as huge as his. I believe that role model status has a lot of responsibility attached to it and one should try to set a great example for new artists. Tim has released some fantastic music throughout his career but nothing comes close to the singer’s new single, “Truck Yeah.”

Unfortunately, I don’t mean that in a good way. This song is beyond ridiculous that I’m finding it difficult to describe just how ridiculous it is.

The lyrics are beyond awful that they cause me to cringe every time I listen to the song. Not only are they rapped instead of sung, but they name drop rapper Lil Wayne, which is simply not acceptable in country music. I can live with slight rapping within the genre but when songs refer to rap artists then that’s where I draw the line. The lyrics alone are a complete disgrace to country music and its roots.

The atrocious production has absolutely no traces of country sounds as it’s filled with appalling electric guitars that make it sound more like an arena rock record. Clearly Tim was aiming to please the mainstream loving audience, but that’s no excuse for this dreadful single. Is this what country artists of tomorrow are looking up to? Is this the example we want the future to be looking at? I’m thinking…no. I’m getting a little tired of today’s ambassadors of country thinking they can simply release trash just because they’ve paid their dues and worked their way to the top. “Truck Yeah” is a complete embarrassment to not only Tim McGraw’s career and reputation but to the genre of country music as a whole.

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