Review Blast: Songs of the Summer

The summer season has brought with it some of the hottest temperatures our country has ever seen. Thankfully, country music has offered some fantastic songs to keep us cool during the extremely hot season. Here are some quick reviews of some of my personal favorites from artists like Little Big Town, Zac Brown Band, and more!

Little Big Town, “Pontoon”

Mmmmm….motor boatin’” I’m calling this the song of the summer as it epitomizes what a song of the season should be. It has both a killer production and a fantastic hook that instantly draws you in. The irresistible mandolin is the highlight of an overall stellar production that separates the tune from anything else heard on country radio. The content of the lyrics offer an escape from the sweltering temps as it allows you to envision a day on the lake barbequing, throwing back a few cold ones, and simply floating in the cool water on an inter-tube. As usual the talented quartet offers some incredible harmonies while Karen Fairchild’s smoky voice delivers the tune in an incredibly laid-back style that suits the lyrics to perfection. This is yet another fantastic single from one of country’s brightest artists.

Zac Brown Band, “The Wind”

I can officially forgive ZBB for “Chicken Fried” as they have continually impressed me with nearly every single released after that annoying debut. Not only can I forget the fact that they brought such a strange song to radio, but I can officially call myself a fan because of the group’s latest single. This incredibly jam packed tune goes from 0 to 100 mph within the opening notes. The exquisite production is filled with killer fiddling and mandolin picking that combine to create one hell of a country song. Then you throw in Zac Brown’s excellent performance as he rapidly delivers the lyrics about the narrator’s everlasting love for an estranged flame which breathes even more life into the vivacious ditty. Though lyrically the song doesn’t scream “summer,” the production is exactly what listeners expect to hear on country radio during this season. Look for this tune to become yet another smash single from the fearless group.

Eden’s Edge, “Too Good To Be True”

This Arkansas trio is one of country’s brightest new groups to come along. Their catchy hooks and melodies, fantastic harmonies, and creative songwriting separates them from the crop of new artists that are taking country music by storm. The group’s second single is a fiery song about realizing the perfect man turned out to be anything but. With creative lyrics that compare the man to having more “game than the Mandalay casino” and lying like a politician, the song is yet another song about trashing the male gender. However, rather than sounding as a remake of some of the other songs with a similar theme, the song delivers the content in a rather unique way. The production blends together a little bluegrass with mainstream country-pop to create a fresh sound. Once you throw in the fierce and aggressive vocal from lead singer Hannah Blaylock then you got yourself a sure fire hit.

Greg Bates, “Did It For the Girl”

Looks like we’ve got ourselves another neo-traditionalist in country music! Though he’s currently relatively unknown to most, Greg Bates could possibly be on the verge of breaking through to become a new superstar of the genre. The singer’s solid debut single is catchy, infectious, and pleases the all-important female audience in country music. Not to mention it includes a hint of steel guitar which instantly makes it a favorite of mine. The overall production resembles that of some of today’s traditionalists like Chris Young and Easton Corbin with the steel guitar, a toe-tapping melody, and the all important legend name drop (in this case he drops George Strait’s name). The production is only part of the equation of a great song, the other is the vocal delivery. Here, the Nashville native smoothly delivers the lyrics with a hint of sensuality that will indeed satisfy his largely female following. This talented newcomer will no doubt leave his own mark on country music in the near future.

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  1. Anne

    Love Greg Bates!!

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