Lady Antebellum, “Wanted You More”

After scoring two number ones and a top five with the first three singles off Own the Night, Lady Antebellum is hoping to strike gold once again with the fourth single. They debuted the single on last night’s finale of The Voice and now it’s on its way to country radio. How does “Wanted You More” measure up to the group’s previous singles?

“Wanted You More” is probably one of the weakest songs on the Grammy award winning album. It’s the perfect example of an artist choosing a stylistic production over meaningful lyrical content. The bombastic country-pop production is filled with plenty of sounds we’ve come to expect from the trio. The introduction includes a lackluster guitar melody while piano joins as the song escalates. In an attempt to create a climax in the melodramatic ballad, an entire string section joins as the production level rises for effect. Producer Paul Worley usually does a great job in making sure the production doesn’t become a chaotic mess, but unfortunately he misses the mark here. Everything from the over-the-top strings to the vocalists needing to scream to be heard, it’s all a recipe for disaster.

The lyrics the trio delivers can best be described by adjectives like “bland,” “uncreative,” and simply “boring.” “I guess I wanted you more/and looking back now I’m sure/I wanted you more/I guess I wanted you more” When a chorus consists of four lines, three of which are repeats, then there’s a problem. The verses don’t get much better as they don’t offer anything to get excited about. “All the words unspoken/Promises broken/I cried for so long/Wasted too much time/Should have seen the signs/Now I know, just what went wrong” And that’s probably the best verse in the song which speaks to just how mediocre the song is.

The song’s only saving grace is the vocal performance, though the saving is quite minimal. The tight harmonies from lead vocalists Charles Kelley and Hillary Scott breathe some, though extremely little, life into the substance-less lyrics. However, the screaming at the end is completely unnecessary but I will credit the overly done production for the need to scream. Overall, it’s clear this was sent to radio to please the ears of every mainstream country listener out there rather than sending something that is actually worth sending. As a Lady A fan, this breaks my heart to have to admit.

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