Easton Corbin, “Lovin’ You is Fun”

Easton Corbin has quickly become a radio favorite. After he came out of the gates with two back-to-back number one singles (“A Little More Country than That” and “Roll With It”) he continued that momentum with his third consecutive top 20 hit, “I Can’t Love You Back.” After a little time away from radio to tour and record new music, we finally have the chance to hear something new and fresh from the newcomer with a song that could potentially be the summer’s first big hit, “Lovin’ You is Fun.”

Oh how I love Easton Corbin. I’ve always said he has what it takes to become traditional country’s newest torchbearer and he proved that with every song on his debut album. Thankfully he’s sticking to his roots with the new, fun and flirty, ditty, “Lovin’ You is Fun.”

“Lovin’ You” is filled with the signature twang we’ve come to expect from the singer. From the production to the laid back vocal performance, everything on this single oozes neo-traditionalism. Famed producer Carson Chamberlain does a fantastic job on creating a production that is drenched with plenty of that obsolete country twang, including loads and loads of steel guitar.This will certainly become my new favorite song to either line dance or two-step to!

Easton matches the upbeat, carefree production with a smooth, laid back vocal performance. Corbin rapidly fires out the lines in the verses with such articulation that allows you to understand every word and syllable. In fact, he possesses a high level of talent for delivering a song  with such ease and effortlessness that will continue to draw comparisons to legend George Strait, who is arguably the best at song delivery.The fun chorus allows him to show off the same charm and persona that helped him become a radio favorite back in 2009 and 2010.

With this song hitting country radio now, it’s safe to say that the summer radio season has arrived! “Lovin’ You is Fun” has what it takes to become the singer’s third number one song, and will probably be the best summer radio single this year. It’s great to finally have our favorite breath-of-fresh-air artist back on radio. Welcome back Easton!

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