Lady Antebellum, “Dancin’ Away with my Heart”

Own the Night, country trio Lady Antebellum’s third album, has already spawned two number one hits since its release last September. Now with the release of the record’s third single, “Dancing Away with my Heart,” the Grammy award winning trio is looking to go three for three when it comes to number one singles. Does the new country-pop ballad have what it takes to take Lady A back to the top?

“Dancin’ Away with my Heart” is a difficult song for me to review. When I put on my obsessed Lady A fan persona, I love this song. The performances delivered by Hillary and Charles are, as usual, fantastic. Then you add the element of the songwriting the trio along with Josh Kear brought to the table. The story about lost love is one that I feel is as compelling as some of the messages and themes their previous songs possessed. The production sticks to the group’s artistic vision and style which is the perfect mix of pop elements and a few subtle country sounds. As a Lady A fan, this song is one of their best.

However, when I put on my country music critic hat, it’s not as fantastic as I think it is. First off the song’s melody and production are somewhat boring and lackluster, though it is a quite beautiful sounding melody. Second, the story line is a little cheesy and predictable as it spells out the story of high school sweethearts that go their separate ways after graduating. Third, the performances, much like the production and melody, are also a tad boring and not up to the same level we expect from Hillary and Charles.

It somewhat pains me to say that this song, from a critic’s standpoint, is extremely mediocre because as a fan this song is great. I wish I would be able to say that this is another brilliant hit from a superbly talented trio when I put on both hats, but unfortunately it isn’t. Although, I will admit that most days are definitely Lady A fan hat days for me, so I will say that from that standpoint, this is my favorite song currently on country radio.


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2 responses to “Lady Antebellum, “Dancin’ Away with my Heart”

  1. rowdyred

    Unfortunately my days as a Lady A fan are gone. This is just the latest of a procession of songs that do nothing for me; in fact that last thing I actively enjoyed (as opposed to being neutral or unimpressed) was “American Honey.”

    This particular song is so unangaging that it took me at least a couple of hearings before I realized it was a new Lady A single. In other words, it was ignorable right from the getgo. The melody, arrangement and instrumentation are snoozable, and to be fair I haven’t even paid enough attention to the lyrics to assess them on any level.

    I don’t actively dislike Lady A, but I now consider them overrated and soon to be a has-been unless they start doing something different creatively.

  2. I think from a marketing stand point, they are doing some pretty brilliant stuff. Their fan base is almost like that of Keith Urban’s, they don’t get tired of hearing the same thing released over and over. So since “Need You Now” was such a monster hit for them, they are sticking to that same style and production. In fact, they collaborated on this song with the same writer who co-wrote “Need You Now” with them, obviously they feel like lightning and strike twice.

    I think I will always be a big fan of theirs. They were the first country artists I got to meet in person, so they’ll forever hold a place in my heart, haha. Plus they are incredible live! Their Own the Night tour was the best concert I attended last year.

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