Taylor Swift, "Ours"

The subject of Taylor Swift is a rather confusing and touchy subject for me. I will admit that her debut album made me a slight fan of the then teenage singer with songs like “Tim McGraw” and “Teardrops on my Guitar.” She soon lost me with her transition to the pop genre with her Grammy winning sophomore album, Fearless, which included hits “You Belong with Me” and “White Horse.” However, her string of singles off Speak Now are slowly turning me back into a slight fan and the album’s sixth single, “Ours,” might just be one of her finest.

Oh, Taylor Swift…why must you warm our hearts with this adorable and catchy love song? You make it incredibly difficult to say anything negative about it.

Lucky for Taylor, I honestly can’t find anything negative to say about this song. In terms of the artistic template Swift has created for herself, this certainly sticks to it. First, she writes a song that is most likely about a previous, or maybe current, relationship. “Ours” is a simple love song that can be described with juvenile adjectives like “sweet, “cute” and “adorable.”

Second, she creates an incredibly catchy melody and hook that is nearly impossible to not sing along with. The verses are sung in a unique fashion that grab and suck you in. Then the chorus slaps you in the face with a stellar melody that begins with the line “don’t you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine…,” which is one of the song’s strongest traits.

Third, a Taylor Swift song wouldn’t be complete without a unique production that distinguishes the song from anything else on country radio. Here, a soft, nearly acoustic production is implemented which allows the well written lyrics to shine brighter than anything else on the track. The production is something completely different than what we have become to expect from Taylor.

The most impressive thing about this song is Taylor’s vocal performance, which is probably the best one I’ve heard her deliver. She delivers the lyrics with such a sweet, tender voice that shows vocal ability her previous songs didn’t. In fact, when she performed this song at this year’s CMA awards it was without a doubt her best live television performance she’s ever delivered.

“Ours” finds Taylor continuing to right the ship that Fearless caused to sail off line. If this is Speak Now‘s final single, I hope she continues to record music of this nature for her next album because she’s slowly turning me back into a fan. Kudos to you Taylor.

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  1. It should be noted that Speak Now is the only album of hers (so far) where Taylor wrote every single song on the album herself. Perhaps that is partly why the album is so much better? Despite my deep inner desire to hate her I can't help but love her, and now that I've seen how talented of a songwriter she is, I feel like my love is quite warranted. =)

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