Keith Urban, "You Gonna Fly"

It isn’t a secret that Keith Urban was dealing with a lot of personal issues when he hit the peak of his career with his albums Golden Road and Be Here, which spawned some of his finest singles to date. Since then he’s turned his life around for the better, but his career has taken a bit of a slide because of some less-than-stellar singles. Fortunately, Keith’s newest single “You Gonna Fly” finds the singer slightly returning to the form that made him a superstar.

“You Gonna Fly” finally finds Urban delivering a performance that measures up to the ones he delivered on songs like “Somebody Like You” and “Days Go By.” Here, Keith tackles the uptempo country-pop ditty with the same fun and unrestrained emotion that helped get those songs to the top of the country charts back in 2003 and 2004. That same raw emotion hasn’t been heard on an Urban single since 2008’s “You Look Good In My Shirt,” which makes me hopeful that the singer is returning to the formula that helped him win the 2005 CMA Entertainer of the Year award.

The song’s production includes everything we’d expect from a Keith Urban song: plenty of guitar shredding, a catchy pop melody, and plenty of country instrumentation mixed in for good measure. The production doesn’t offer us anything unique by any means (after all, we hear it on nearly every Urban single) but this time the energetic performance gives it some life and makes it sound like we’ve never heard a Keith single done like this before.

After offering disappointing album after disappoint album, I think “You Gonna Fly” offers a glimmer of hope that whatever Keith gives us next could be a huge improvement. If not, at least we can say he attempted to give us the old Keith we fell in love with on this sure-to-be-number-one single.


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22 responses to “Keith Urban, "You Gonna Fly"

  1. I love this new tune & the two guys who wrote it.

  2. This is an awful article about Keith. Was your head in the sand when his #1's were made and he was winning Grammy's? Sounds like you have an agenda.

  3. Best song on the album thanks to a couple of my friends who wrote it.

  4. Love the song! Keith has, is, and will always be an incredible music artist. I highly disagree with you assessment of his career. Have you been under a rock or something? We've had "Sweet Thing" (Grammy Winning single) and Til Summer Comes Around (Grammy Winning single), and much more great music from Keith during recent years. Do your research!!!

  5. Hmm. Less than stellar? Ridiculous. His songs always make the top 5. Without You went #1, Long Hot Summer went #1, Put You in a Song went #2. Are you nuts?

  6. This is a fantastic song, but this reviewer is definitely not a Keith Urban fan. Keith has made amazing music his entire life and career. These last five years have been packed with awesome, beautiful music and all his albums the Best music ever made in any Genre. His tours absolutely unbelievable awesome! Keith Urban is the most incredibly talented Artist Country music has and this reviewer should listen to the magnificent music on Love Pain and the Whole Crazy Thing, Defying Gravity and Get Closer. All three Great albums!!

  7. Same old story. Sounds to me like one of those disgruntled fans who likes to insinuate that Keith lost his edge when he got married and became a family man. If Keith's other albums were so bad, how come they all went platinum except for Get Closer which is Gold, and how come he has had so many No. 1 hits since 2005 as well as winning several Grammys? Good review on the song but certainly a biased and dim review of one of the best entertainers in country music.

  8. This song was written by 3 guys.Two from the Lo Cash Cowboys and Jaren Johnston from American Bang.

  9. I am in agreement with others comments I am guessing that you haven't seen him in concert or listened to any of his #1 hits since 2005!! He is an amazing guitar player. He has fought his demons and returned a much better person with a loving family. I don't think you have listened to Long Hot Summer a great summer song. Your review of the song was good but wonder what you have against Keith!

  10. What a joke!! Obviously this writer really doesn't know much about Keith or his career.

  11. That's a totally objectionable view of Keith Urban's music and talent. His latest tour was the best thing in country music. Shame on the LoCash Cowboys for directing people to this negative assessment of one of country's greatest talents.

  12. This is a fantastic song and it is already rising to the top. Definatley love the two guys who wrote it.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Ok so let me set a few things straight. First, I actually am a fan of Keith's and have seen him in concert more times than I can count. Never once did I say he isn't a talented artist, he obviously is extremely talented and one of the best vocalists in country music. But, his last few albums haven't lived up to the artistic merit Gold Roaden and Be Here set, in my opinion. Those two are fantastic albums filled with brilliant songs and productions. Those same productions have yet to be heard on his recent albums, which were all boring and lackluster to me. His recent single choices have yet to excite me especially songs like "Without You" and "Til Summer Comes Around." Yes, he's won a ton of Grammys and yes the albums I'm not such a big fan of have gone platinum, and yes he's racked up plenty of top 10 singles. But that doesn't necessarily mean the content on them is good, persay. In fact, some of country music's worst albums and songs have been successful, but again, doesn't mean they are worth bragging about. I'm all about quality over success and Keith was releasing songs that were not only high quality but extremely successful. Now, he's gaining more success but with songs that aren't as good of quality as we've seen from him. Basically I'm saying Keith has loads of potential because we've seen just how brilliant he can be, but as of late he just isn't living up to that high standard.I've always been a big Keith fan, and will continue to, but I just hope he returns to the exciting form he once had at the beginning of his career.

  15. I totally disagree with your opinion of Keith Urban's music. His music is uplifting, meaningful, thoughtful, and always great to listen to or experience live. He has never lost a bit of his exciting musical form.

  16. While I also believe Keith Urban is a great artist, it isn't blasphemy for a critic to have favorite and not-so-favorite choices among an artist's styles. As for popularity equaling excellence, I give you Toby Keith's "Red Solo Cup" (and several others of his "compositions") as Exhibit A that lots of absolute crap is served up on the radio, while far more deserving artists never get a shot. (I am NOT saying that KU ever, ever produced "crap," so don't get riled up.)I really am a huge Keith Urban fan but I just don't believe the reviewer should be crucified for having a preference for a particular style among Keith's repertoire. As they say here online, YMMV, but making it so personal isn't going to persuade someone to change his/her mind. Just sayin'.

  17. I don't think the writer was putting down Keith. Keith Urban is probably the best artist in country music . I agree with his review. He still says Keith is great he is just saying that this is Keith Urbans roots. It is by far the best song he has released in sometime. It doesn't matter who wrote it but lets give Keith credit for being brilliant enough to release a great song once he heard it. Hats off to Keith and the artists who wrote it!

  18. I wish that people that did reviews were truely objective about the artists…..I DO AGREE that Fly is a great song but the rest of the "review" was not writen with an open mind and knowledge of Keith's music and success.Mr Urban is, has and will continue to be one of the top country artists. Just go to one of his shows and see how the 15,000+ fans react show after show on each one of his songs…then lets have you write an article giving him credit.

  19. I completely agree with you. While some of his recent songs still hit the top of the charts, I would venture to guess that this was mostly because of his dedicated fans who stuck with him because of his amazing performances on his early albums. His music is, by no means, bad. I love his music. But I agree that this song is a breath of fresh air after a period of songs that were good but not great. And I find it amusing that people are so quick to bash on reviewers while under the protection of being "Anonymous." Good one.

  20. Agreed, Lara. I pretty much write off about 75% of "Anonymous" posters as flamers who'd rather not engage in a discussion that involves the merits of their opinion. Apparently it is impossible for such people to see a balanced, honest review as showing respect for an artist. I guess if you're not blindly loyal, you're a "hater." And it's so much easier to just blow up and run.

  21. Who in the hell wrote this article. Whoever did doesn't know what in the hell he is talking about.Go back and check his awards and maybe the next time your article will have some truth in it. Keith met Nicole Kidman, fell in love, married her and now has two beautiful daughters. Haters get used to it.

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