Toby Keith, "Red Solo Cup"

After scoring a number one with the first single off his newest album, Clancy’s Tavern, Toby Keith has released the follow up single to “Made in America.” “Red Solo Cup” can be best described, at least in my opinion, in two words…
 Epic. Fail.

This song is without a doubt the worst to hit country radio this year, and maybe even all time. It’s pointless fluff that shouldn’t be caught dead in the genre of country music. If this becomes another number one for Keith, then shame on country radio and its listeners. 


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2 responses to “Toby Keith, "Red Solo Cup"

  1. This is what happens when a guy who is famous both for making music and owning bars, also owns a record label.Is there no one on his payroll there at ShowDog who can stop TK from gleefully running amok? It wasn't bad enough that the debut single, "Made In America," was a cliche' ridden POS that didn't stand much scrutiny. "Wearing cotton he didn't grow" upset his dad? Jeez, that's bad news, I guess the good ol' cotton gin and spinning wheel are gathering dust in the good ol' barn, because of foreign trade, huh? Okay Toby, you're probably taking some license there. Kinda like not conceding that them thar "foreign" cars are now "made in America." In short, that whole song was a head-scratcher considering how, as usual, he sounds mad as hell, but there's no "there" there.But THIS thing….is unfunny, embarrassing trash. Furthermore, it's boring. Long and boring. And did I mention stupid? Embarrassingly stupid?Toby Keith is Exhibit A in my case against corporate country radio that seems to pander to the "Stupid is us" audience, which it kills me to say is apparently substantial. He's certainly not alone, but he seems intent upon glorifying the stereotype of the ignorant, jingoistic, drunken redneck. I understand TK is one of the wealthiest guys in country music, due in great part to that chain of bars. He hasn't been quite the radio powerhouse (despite the recent #1) he once was, since he decided he needed to be his own boss here as well. But if THIS is the measure of Toby's artistic vision? Aw shucks, TK, you shouldn't have. Really.

  2. certainly not Johnny Cash or Hank Williams.

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