Jason Aldean, "Tattoos on this Town"

After releasing “Dirt Road Anthem,” any song chosen for the follow up off My Kinda Party would seem like an artistic peak in five time CMA nominee, Jason Aldean’s career. It’s actually a bit of a coincidence that the new single, “Tattoos on this Town,” is possibly one of the album’s best.

Written by Michael Dulaney, Wendell Mobley, and Neil Thrasher, “Tattoos on this Town” could easily fall into the category of the typical “I’m proud of my hometown” songs that sporadically appear in country music. Surprisingly, this one isn’t one of those typical songs, but instead uses a fresh idea to differentiate itself.

“Town” finds the song’s narrator reminiscing about the memories he created in his hometown from the black marks on the road where they use to drag race to the old branch they used to swing off by the river. “It sure left its mark on us, we sure left our mark on it…we laid a lot of memories down, like tattoos on this town,” sings Aldean about how he feels about his small town. Is it one of the most influential songs to hit country music this year? Of course not, but by the standard that Jason has set for himself thus far in his career, it seems like a career milestone.

The production is just what we would expect from a Jason Aldean song: a loud anthem that brings country and rock together to form a southern rock leaning country song. An electric guitar intro leads right into a mix of bass and electric guitars and a heavy sounding drum beat. Though this type of production is getting a little old, it still suits Aldean and shows that he knows who he is as an artist, something I respect. I have to say that the vocal performance Jason delivers is one that could be one of the best so far in his career. The superstar delivers the song with just enough confidence and attitude that matches the production perfectly, a trait that he’s perfected on My Kinda Party.

After years of flying under the radar, Jason Aldean has finally joined the ranks of a country superstar. He continues to deliver hit after hit and has become a staple at country radio. “Tattoos on this Town” is another example of why listeners demand to hear Aldean. He continues to deliver songs that listeners can relate to. This will no doubt become another number one smash for the artist who should claim his first CMA Male Vocalist of the Year trophy come this year’s CMA Awards.

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  1. I have never been a big fan, and I've occasionally cringed at his cliche'-ridden, badass redneck rocker shtick. But — this is really a terrific recording. The song, both lyrically and melodically, evokes an eemotional response frome me, and I can imagine several male country artists singing the heck out of it. The fact that I love Jason's performance is a happy surprise.I've enjoyed JA's singles before — Amarillo Sky and Big Green Tractor are examples of music that doesn't wage the country culture war but is firmly entrenched in the genre. It's when he goes for the urban-as-enemy stereotypes, all the while hollering over a raging rock arrangement, that I just shake my head. So this turns out to be my favorite Jason Aldean song to date. I keep hearing that there are album cuts I'd probably love, but since most of the singles haven't encouraged me to get the CDs, I would not have known he had this performance in him.Now if he could just try his hand at writing a song of his own. I'd like to hear what he, personally, thinks and feels…I really wonder what a Jason Aldean composition would be about. Meanwhile, this is an A+ effort and I'm very encouraged, especially after the last one!

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