Blake Shelton, "God Gave Me You"

Blake Shelton has officially entered the world of country superstardom. The singer has racked up four consecutive number one singles, a number one album with Red River Blue, a CMA award for Male Vocalist of the Year, and he’s one half of country’s newest royal couple alongside his wife Miranda Lambert.

Yes, Mr. Shelton has finally hit the big leagues, a feat that has taken 10 years to achieve. Now it’s time for the singer to start living up to the expectations superstars are held to when it comes to the music they release. Unfortunately this generation of country superstars is having difficulty producing truly great country music and, with “God Gave Me You,” Blake is just another artist to add the list of under-achievers.

The song, written by Dave Barnes, is just another over-produced, safely written love song that will no doubt be another big hit for Shelton. From the extremely cheesy lyrics (“God gave me you for the ups and downs, God gave me you for the days of doubt”) to the bombastic production that does absolutely nothing for the song to the safe, expected vocal delivery, this song is simply a mess.

Can I ask for “Honey Bee” to be re-released?

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