Gloriana, "Wanna Take You Home"

Since bursting on to the country music scene in 2009 with their debut single, “Wild at Heart,” quartet (now trio after Cheyenne Kimball’s departure) Gloriana has had trouble regaining any momentum at country radio. The two follow up singles failed to get inside the top 30 on the charts after “Heart” reached number 15. Now the group is hoping to climb back up the charts with the lead-off single for their sophomore album.

“Wanna Take You Home” finds the group returning to the country-pop sound that made “Wild at Heart” a breakout hit. The fantastic production is filled with nearly every element required to make a bluegrass sounding country record: fiddle, banjo, mandolin, guitar, and a beat you can line dance to (literally, there is a line dance in the song’s video). The production steals a page out of Little Big Town’s repertoire as it includes plenty of hand-clapping throughout the song which makes it one of the most catchy songs of 2011.

The lyrics aren’t the most poetic words country music has seen but they do the job. The song describes the story of a guy who approaches a girl in a bar, compliments her, and then reveals how he wants to take her home. “I’ve been watching you, girl, the way you move got the room on fire, oh yea rock my world, I wanna take you home with me,” again not the most poetic or romantic thing country music has seen but it’s somewhat effective.

But wait, what does he want to do when he does take her home? Ok, ok…that’s a stupid question.

      I wanna take you back to my place
      you can do your dance on the kitchen floor
      I wanna hear those boots knockin’ down the hallway
      right on through that bedroom door
      I wanna ease your mind, maybe set you free
      can’t you see, I wanna take you home with me

If that doesn’t spell romance then I don’t know what does!

I’ve always sad that the group’s four members have some of the best harmonies in country music. The guys complement the girls and the girls provide excellent background vocals that, in return, complement the guys’ voices. As usual Tom Gossin takes the lead on this song, just like he did on “Wild at Heart,” and delivers a fun, youthful performance while the other three members provide the backup vocals.

Considering this hit sticks to the blueprint “Wild at Heart” laid out, it’s hard not to believe that this song should be a hit. However, with the loss of their most popular member in Cheyenne Kimball and the loss of radio programmers’ attention, it wouldn’t be a surprise if this song is another addition to their string of flops.

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