Kenny Chesney featuring Grace Potter, "You and Tequila"

Kenny Chesney has been very streaky with his radio single choices. One minute he’s showing brilliance and the next he releases a novelty dud. He was leaning more towards the brilliant side of the equation with “Somewhere With You.” Now he’s sending “You and Tequila” to radio so the question begs to be asked: will it be another novelty hit or will he once again show his artistic brilliance?

“You and Tequila” is probably the best song to hit country radio this year. Everything about this song is simply spectacular. Before hearing the song it’s easy to expect the song to be brilliant considering it was written by one of Nashville’s most critically acclaimed songwriters, Matraca Berg. Berg is known for many hits but she’s most known for writing her co-writer Deana Carter’s career defining smash, “Strawberry Wine.” When you combine two powerhouses like that you know the result will be nothing short of magical.

Berg and Carter conjure up a song about how a man is tempted to see the girl that’s been driving him crazy for one more night. The lyrics are so simple and direct in telling the story by comparing the girl to tequila simply stating: “you and tequila make me crazy.” The rest of the chorus displays how confusing the temptation is: “run like poison in my blood, one more night could kill me baby, one is one too many, one more is never enough.” The verses are crafted beautifully, but the song’s highlight is definitely the chorus.

The song’s lyrics are just a part of what makes a song brilliant. The rest is its production which Chesney nails to perfection on this song. He utilizes an acoustic production so brilliant that it could be compared to the fantastic acoustic productions found on songs like “The House That Built Me” and “What Do You Want.” When a song dares to use such a simple and quiet production it’s critical for the artist to turn in a vocal performance to match the brilliance, and Kenny delivers one of his finest performances of his career.

Chesney delivers the song with such conviction and emotion that you almost feel like he’s actually going through the confusion and struggle of wanting to see that crazy girl one more time. Grace Potter takes the harmony and backing vocal role and nails it with pure excellence. The two artists’ voices blend so well together that it almost seems like they were born to sing with one another.

Last year it was Miranda Lambert who took a risk in sending “The House That Built Me” to country radio during the summer season, which is usually a time when radio programmers are looking for loud, uptempo songs to fill their playlists. This year we find Kenny Chesney taking the same sort of rish and I’ll bet that the result will be the same. Look for this song to hit the top of the chart sometime in the near future. Widgets

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