"Without You," Keith Urban

After nearly hitting number one with his previous single “Put You in A Song,” Keith Urban is returning to country radio with the second single off Get Closer, “Without You.” Does the sappy love song have what it takes to take Keith back to number one, where he hasn’t been since 2009?

It’s no secret that Keith Urban has become a different artist since he married Nicole Kidman in 2006. I’m not sure what exactly happened, but, in my opinion, the Urban pre-marriage was a better artist than the one he has become. Before 2006 he gave us two outstanding albums in Golden Road and Be Here, which gave us some of his best singles, but since then he’s delivered three less-than-mediocre albums in Love, Pain, and the Whole Crazy Thing, Defying Gravity, and Get Closer. His string of singles have also failed to impress and “Without You” is just another addition.

It’s obvious this song is inspired by his wife, which I’m in complete support of because after all country music is mostly about love songs. However, this could have been done better…way better. The lyrics – written by Dave Pahanish and Joe West – are extremely boring and lackluster, at best. They turn the song into one of those songs that takes a message that could easily be delivered in one or two sentences and tries to turn it into a complete set of lyrics with multiple verses and a chorus.

Keith delivers a fairly sincere vocal performance, but unfortunately it’s also one of his most boring. I know he means every word he’s singing, but I just feel like he could’ve infused more emotion into the song. I mean come on…he’s singing about his wife and daughter and how he his life wouldn’t mean anything without them, more emotion is required. The only bright spot in the song is it’s production with includes plenty of banjo and fiddle riffs that offer a great alternative to the loud productions currently taking over country radio.

I’ve always been a fan of Keith Urban’s, but he’s starting to lose my interest with his latest song choices. If his most boring hit, “Only You Could Love Me This Way,” can hit number one, then I’m sure “Without You” can do the same.

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