"Live A Little," Kenny Chesney

After gaining top five hits with “The Boys of Fall” (which nabbed an ACM nomination) and “Somewhere With You,” Kenny Chesney is releasing a third song off his Hemingway’s Whiskey album, “Live A Little.” Is this country-rock ditty good enough to become another smash for this country superstar?

Ladies and gentlemen, the old Kenny Chesney has thankfully returned to country radio. After dabbling with the unattractive “island country” for the past few years, Chesney has returned to the country style that made him a superstar in the first place and it’s helping him get back to the top of the country world.

On “Live a Little,” Kenny delivers a fantastic country-rock production that begins with an excellent guitar intro before he kicks in with the lyrics. The uptempo ditty revolves around a mixture of bass, electric, and acoustic guitars as well as a killer drum beat that creates an awesome feel good song. With country radio preparing their summer playlists with uptempo summer songs, this song will definitely be one of the most played this season.

The lyrics revolve around forgetting the trials and tribulations of everyday life like paying rent and working in order to have fun and “live a little.” The verses don’t necessarily offer anything new, some are even a bit cliche like the final one: “step back, smell the rose, feel the sand between your toes, unplug, unwind, step out in the sunshine.” Most of the verses are actually on the verge of being cheesy.

The lyrics are certainly not the best to hit country radio, but that’s ok because Kenny’s energetic performance makes you forget what the song is about and allows you to just sing along. It’s been a long time since Chesney offered such a fun and vibrant vocal performance like this one.

 I’ve never been a big fan of Kenny’s, especially during his “beach bum” days, but he’s certainly changing my mind with his latest singles. This will no doubt become the singer’s next number one smash and may be good enough to entice me to buy his album.

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