"Tomorrow," Chris Young

Chris Young has seemingly become a country radio sensation in the past couple years. With “Voices” reaching number one last week, he’s now garnered three consecutive number one singles, all off his The Man I Want to Be album. Now he’s debuting a new song from an upcoming album called “Tomorrow.” Does the power ballad have what it takes to become the crooner’s fourth consecutive number one smash?

Country music…meet your next big superstar, Chris Young.

Before I begin talking about how amazing he sounds vocally on this song, I’m going to start with the fantastic execution when it comes to the song’s production. In a time where most country artists believe that a bigger sounding production is better, Chris provides this great slice of ear candy that manages to be big sounding without over-powering his soaring vocal performance as well as being mainstream without losing its country twang. The song begins with a fantastic steel guitar and string arrangement and continues by showcasing instruments from guitars to fantastic fiddle riffs. This is probably one of the best productions to hit country radio in recent years.

While the production is fantastic, this song is all about Young’s stellar vocal performance, which could be the best he’s delivered in his career so far. On previous singles, he usually delivers a more toned down vocal that shows off the lower range in his great baritone voice, but on “Tomorrow” he combines that lower range with a few power notes that take the song to a whole other level. He delivers the low range vocals on the song’s verses but during the chorus and the bridge he kicks it up a notch and shows us a higher range that not many knew he had. “Tomorrow” could be this talented crooner’s ticket to superstardom in years to come and will undoubtedly become the singer’s fourth consecutive number one single.

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