"Let It Rain," David Nail

David Nail’s previous two singles have garnered awards nominations (“Red Light” scored an ACM nod last year while “Turning Home” is up for a Grammy this year) and both peaked inside the top 20 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. David now hopes to follow his previous successes with his new single “Let It Rain.” Is the single good enough to become his breakthrough hit?

On his previous single, “Turning Home,” David Nail showed how great of a vocalist he is by delivering a solid vocal performance that showed off his impressive range and control and he’s now demonstrating that once again on “Let It Rain.” Here Nail delivers the song about a man feeling the regret about cheating on his wife with such conviction and power that proves even further that he has what it takes to be one of country’s best male vocalists. His vocals soar during the chorus and then deliver a more controlled and subdued tone during the song’s verses. Nail’s vocal performance is by far the best aspect of the song.

Now, the lyrics and production on the other hand, aren’t as spectacular (though they aren’t necessarily bad). The story does a great job in making the listener actually have to listen to the lyrics to know what the song’s about. The writers never spell out that the man cheated, but one line says it all: “seven years of good can’t hide the one night I forgot to wear that ring,” which should set off alarms as to what the song is about. The chorus finds Nail pleading to let the guilt rain down on him because he knows it’s over between him and his wife. I like the concept of the song, but I don’t think the execution was as good as it could’ve been.

On “Turning Home,” I think David nailed the vocal performance, but the song’s production held the song back and kept it from reaching its full potential. I think “Let It Rain” falls victim to the same fate as the production often drowns out Nail’s exceptional vocal performance. The country-pop-rock production becomes fairly annoying pretty quickly as the drum beat in the beginning distracts from the vocals and lyrics. Once the song reaches the chorus the production becomes loud and nearly covers the soaring vocals from Nail and completely covers the background vocals which you can only hear if you listen close enough. It’s all a bit too much for my taste and takes away from the quality of the song.

Overall I think David Nail soars vocally on this extremely mediocre song. Does “Let It Rain” have what it takes to be his breakout hit? That remains to be seen but I have a feeling country radio and its listeners will warm up to this new single.

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