Steel Magnolia, "Last Night Again"

Steel Magnolia has enjoyed great chart success with its first two singles. The duo reached the top five with “Keep On Loving You” and the top 25 with “Just By Being You.” Now they’re releasing their third single, “Last Night Again,” with hopes to repeat the success of their previous singles. Does the song have what it takes to become the duo’s first number one hit?

Ever since their run on CMT’s Can You Duet?, I’ve always thought Joshua Scott Jones and Meghan Linsey had an endless supply of potential to become the genre’s next super-duo. The duo showed off that potential on its debut single but nearly erased it all with the disastrous follow-up single, “Just By Being You.” Thankfully Steel Magnolia has recovered nicely with its third single, “Last Night Again.”

“Last Night Again” finds Jones and Linsey splitting the vocal leads on a song about turning a one-night stand into something more. “Don’t want to leave you here tonight so let’s do what we did last night…again” sings the duo as they realize that what happened the previous night could be something more. The conversational lyrics allows the real-life couple to show off their chemistry as they both offer solid solos during the verses as well as great harmonies during the chorus.

What I love most about this song is the unique production. It’s a fantastic percussion based production that gives the song a nice country-pop groove that is extremely catchy and instantly hooks the listener in. I personally love the mixture of guitars which give it an old-yet-modern sound that will give country radio a bit of shake-up that it needs. It’ll be interesting to see how well this song will perform on the charts and at country radio, but I think “Last Night Again” has the potential to be the duos next top five single.

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