"I Can’t Love You Back," Easton Corbin

After scoring back-to-back number one singles with the CMA nominated “A Little More Country Than That” and “Roll With It,” newcomer Easton Corbin is hoping to score a third chart topper with the ballad, “I Can’t Love You Back.” Does the song have enough to become a smash hit like his previous singles?

It’s been less than a year since his debut album hit the top five of the Country Albums chart, but Easton Corbin is already considered as this generation’s new torchbearer for traditional country music. He lived up to that standard with both his previous singles, but he hasn’t done it as well as he has on his latest, “I Can’t Love You Back.”

“I can love you all morning, I can love you all day, I can love even more when I get home” Inititally, the opening lines to the song could lead you to believe this is just another typical country love song. However once the chorus hits, the song takes a different twist: “Girl, I love you crazy, it comes so easy, after all we had, I could love you with all my heart but the hardest part is I just can’t love you back.” The big twist then leaves you wondering what happened. Did he break up with an old flame? Did the love of his life pass away?The song never states what happened and leaves it up to your interpretation, which is the most brilliant aspect of the song. But, whatever the case may be, it becomes an easy song to relate to if you are missing a lost loved one.

Meanwhile, the delivery of an emotional song like this is extremely important and Corbin delivers a fantastic vocal performance that further cements himself as one of country’s finest vocalists. Often compared to George Strait, Corbin’s voice suits the song perfectly and the amount of heart and emotion he pours into the song elevates it to a whole new level. The production is very understated and once again resembles a production that could’ve been heard during the traditional movement of the 90’s.

Out of the 11 tracks on his debut album, this one is one of the highlights and is without a doubt his best single to date. I’m expecting this Florida native to be one of country’s biggest stars in the near future, especially if he continues recording strong music like this.


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