Josh Kelley, "Georgia Clay"

Singer-songwriter Josh Kelley – old brother of Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley and husband of actress Katherine Heigl – is another pop artist looking to make the switch to country music. Josh’s first country single for MCA Nashville is titled “Georgia Clay.” Does the song have what it takes to bring success to Josh on country radio or will it only cause him to be forgotten like many of the recent artists who try to crossover?

There’s no other genre of music where you can hear a song about clay and a truck but country. With “Georgia Clay,” Josh Kelley delivers a story about a man reminescing about his youth by perceiving his old truck as a time machine and comparing the long lasting memories to Georgia clay.

Now, I can see how that may sound like a stupid and pointless song. However, the songwriting provided by Josh along with brother Charles Kelley and Clint Lagerberg does an exceptional job at making the song relatable and avoids turning the it into nonsense. With lines about being seventeen and running on dumb luck to being the only one in town with a fake I.D., “Georgia Clay” offers scenarios that almost everyone listening has had and can relate to.

Just like younger brother Charles, Josh offers a vocal performance full of soul and emotion with a little hint of Georgia twang. I personally think his vocal styling is perfect for country music rather than pop where he orginally got started. It’s clearly obvious on this song because his voice just seems to fit the song and suits the song brilliantly. The production offers a blend of acoustic and bass guitars with a bluegrass flavored beat that creates a song that’s clearly country, something I love to hear on today’s radio.

Overall, this is a fantastic debut country single for Josh Kelley and I think radio will eat this right up since it’s something new and fresh, which is what today’s radio is lacking. In fact, this song is already in the top 40 after just three weeks on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. I’m hoping we get to hear more from Josh because I think he can offer some great country music.

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