Luke Bryan, "Someone Else Calling You Baby"

After scoring two consecutive top two singles with “Do I” and “Rain is a Good Thing,” both off his Doin’ My Thing album, Luke Bryan is hitting the country radio waves with the third single from that album. Does “Someone Else Calling You Baby” have what it takes to follow up the two smash singles?

What I’ve always liked about Luke Bryan is how he’s one of the few artists who blends the mainstream pop sounds of today’s country with the styles of traditional country. His first album did that perfectly with nearly little to no pop-country songs on it. His sophomore album acheives the same thing and cements him as a truly country artist rather than a pop-country artist.

On “Someone Else Calling You Baby,” Luke offers up a story about a man seeing his ex riding in a car with a newfound partner. He’s wondering if she’s already over his love and if she’s moved on and if she has, he just wants her to “lay it” on his heart. The songwriting isn’t the best, but it accomplishes its goal in telling a story.

The part I think elevates this song is the production. I personally love the mixture of guitars in the intro as well as the occasional steel guitar and fiddle riffs that appear throughout the song. The only issue I have is how loud it is when the vocals come in. It sounds a bit like the vocals are fighting to be heard over the instrumentation. However, Luke provides another solid vocal performance, something that’s expected when he tackles songs like this.

Luke has gained some momentum at country radio this year and I think this song is only going to keep that momentum going, which will be important leading into the CMA awards where he’s up for Best New Artist. I think this song is good enough to reach, at least, top five and could extend his top two streak to three in a row.

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