Rascal Flatts, "Why Wait"

After shocking the music industry by announcing their move to Big Machine Records, Rascal Flatts are now releasing their first single from their first Big Machine album release, Nothing Like This. With their recent singles not reaching “super hit” status, the Flatts boys are hoping “Why Wait” will help them start off on the right foot at Big Machine. Does the song have what it takes to return Rascal Flatts back to the top of the charts?
A couple weeks ago the country music industry was blindsided by the announcement of Rascal Flatts’ move to Big Machine Records, the label home of pop country starlet Taylor Swift. Once the announcement was made, the group left no time for speculation as to whether they would find a new sound and style. Instead, they unveiled the lead single from their upcoming Nothing Like This album, “Why Wait.”

The production on “Why Wait” is an interesting one to me. When I first heard the song, I thought it was probably the most pop production I’ve heard from the trio. But, as I listened to the song more, I also found myself saying that its the most country production I’ve heard from them in recent years. I think the guitar lines, drumbeat, and melody make it extremely pop yet the fiddle and slight steel guitar riffs keep it in the country realm. It’s somewhat refreshing to hear something like this from the group since they’ve been stuck in a bit of a funk lately.

The production, however, is probably the best part of the song and really saves it from being country pop fluff. The lyrics are beyond cheesy and are some of the worst we’ve heard from the band since “Bob That Head” or “Me and My Gang.” They tell the unromantic story of a man whose idea of popping the question is asking his mate why they should wait another a day and why not just go to a church where he knows a preacher who can “hook” them up. The vocals are average but I have to give kudos to lead singer Gary LeVox for not trying to over sing the song and for staying within his vocal range.

“Why Wait” fits the stylings of Rascal Flatts perfectly but once again they fall short of reaching the same artistic potential they showed on earlier singles like “I’m Moving On” and “Bless the Broken Road.” However, I think this is the perfect song choice as the lead off single from the upcoming album and I’m going to say it’ll take them back to the top of the charts.

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  1. I actually think this is one of the best Rascal Flatts songs I've heard in a long time – a significant improvement over "Bob That Head." I personally like most of the song's lyrics (though the "hook us up" part was not especially poetic), and I think the production was surprisingly tasteful for a Rascal Flatts song.

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