Chuck Wicks, "Hold That Thought"

Chuck Wicks first hit country radio back in 2007 when his debut single, “Stealing Cinderella,” peaked in the top five. However, since that song, Wicks has failed to hit the top ten with the two follow up singles from his debut self-titled album. Now, he’s releasing the first single off his upcoming album to country radio. Does “Hold That Thought” have what it takes to help Chuck once again reach the top ten?

Chuck Wicks returns to country radio with a surprising soulful tune, “Hold That Thought,” which finds him pleading to his lover to imagine and fantasize the night they’re going to have. The song screams sex by using descriptive lines like the ones found in the verse: “Close your eyes and picture this/Lying in bed in the candlelight/We start to kiss/Pulling your body in close to mine/Now picture us/That moment before we make love” This is a big change from the PG-rated songs that filled his debut album and finds him dabbling in some rated-R leaning material.

To go along with the steamy lyrics, the production is filled with steel guitar riffs that only add to the sexiness of the song. Meanwhile, Wicks’ pleading vocal performance ties the lyrics and production together nicely, but falls just shy of commanding the song’s sultry, bluesy style with conviction. It’s easy to imagine men all over the country using this song to set the mood during romantic nights with their significant others.

Since this is the lead-off single from his upcoming album, it could be a sign that there are greater artistic things to come from Mr. Chuck Wicks. Let’s hope he sticks to this style of music for his sophomore album because it clearly works for him.

To purchase Chucks Wicks’ “Hold That Thought,” click on the image below.

Hold That Thought

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