Jerrod Niemann, "Lover, Lover"

Jerrod Niemann has had struggles in his career that include losing his recording contract as his label folded to getting dropped from another label. Now, Niemann is finally enjoying some success as his single, “Lover, Lover,” climbs to number nineteen becoming the singer’s first top 20 hit. Is the song good enough to climb into the top 15 or even top 10?

I’ve said in the past few single reviews I’ve written that the production is what can make or break a song during radio’s summer season. Most of the singles being released are way too overproduced and try too hard to cater to mainstream radio. However, Jerrod Niemann’s latest single, “Lover, Lover,” breaks that trend and utilizes a production that’s nearly all acoustic to create a fun song and he pulls it off brilliantly.

Backed up by an acoustic guitar and fantastic background vocals, Niemann delivers a song about how he’s tired of getting the cold shoulder from his lover and decides to leave her with ease and charm, almost making it sound like a feel good song. The vocal performance alone is fantastic but it’s only elevated by Niemann’s fantastic phrasing during the verses. At times, he sounds just like the guitar that’s backing him, which is mainly evident in the lines “I’m gonna split” (which sounds like “I’m gon split”) and “girl but before I get to goin’…” which sounds like “before I get-ch-ch-goin'”.

The song’s ending finds Jerrod backed up by, what sounds like, a fantastic group of vocal singers which gives it an a capella feel. The backup singers are used almost as instruments to enhance Niemann’s smooth vocals as they repeat the chorus over and over again until the song’s end.

The song’s melody is extremely catchy and after hearing it once, it’s hard to get the song out of your head. It’s no wonder this has struck a chord with country music listeners. I think we’ll soon be seeing Jerrod Niemann’s name atop the playlists of every country radio station in the country. Look for “Lover, Lover” to be a smash and most definitely Niemann’s first top 10 hit.


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4 responses to “Jerrod Niemann, "Lover, Lover"

  1. Personally, I greatly dislike "Lover, Lover." The man in the song is not taking an objective approach to mending a troubled relationship – he's just pointing fingers at his woman, saying that it's all her fault, and leaving her. Also, I know this shouldn't be important, but he is murdering the English language. I can forgive a country singer for petty gaffes like using the non-word "ain't," but in this song, he drops a triple-negative ("You don't treat me no good no more"), which any English teacher would have a field trip over. Forgive me – I know I'm a grammar geek, but that just totally irks me.

  2. I actually never realized the triple-negative in that line, but personally I don't think the song would sound as good if he instead sang "You don't treat me good anymore." But I don't think the lyrics are the song's strongest quality, that distinction belongs to the production which elevates the song.

  3. Good point about the production. At least they kept it fairly simple, which I like.

  4. Syd

    Is there a tamborine in this song?

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