Martina McBride, "Wrong Baby Wrong"

Martina McBride was a hit making machine from 1997 until about 2003. Since then she’s only had one top ten hit (2006’s “Anyway”) and has struggled to regain that hit-making status. Is her newest single off her Shine album, “Wrong Baby Wrong,” good enough to get her back to the top of the charts?

After going through a phase where she was known as the queen of inspirational ballads, Martina McBride finds herself dabbling in more uptempo, fun songs much like her earlier hits “Life #9” and “Wild Angels.” On “Wrong Baby Wrong,” McBride combines a song with a strong message with an uptempo production and, in my opinion, she strikes gold.

The song – written by Brad and Brett Warren, Robert Ellis Orrall, and Stephan Barker Liles (from Love and Theft) – tells the story of a female trying to lift the spirits of her friend who has just been dumped by her boyfriend. While doing so, she reminds her friend that everyone has to experience these lowpoints in their lives and that you just have to pick yourself up. The production is primarily composed of electric guitar and an infectious drumbeat which altogether makes an enjoyable single. McBride’s outstanding vocal performance allows her to show off the bluesy tone of her voice while delivering the message with a bit of sass that resembles songs like “Ride” and “When God-Fearin’ Women Get the Blues.” 

As of this week, “Wrong Baby Wrong” finds itself at number 19 on Billboard‘s Hot Country Songs chart and I think it’ll only get higher. This is Martina’s best shot at once again cracking the top five and, maybe, at another number one single.

If you’d like to download Martina McBride’s “Wrong Baby Wrong,” click on the image below.

Wrong Baby Wrong Baby Wrong

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  1. "Wrong Baby Wrong" is the kind of song that dares me to hate it. The production is not very country, which is something that I tend to be picky about. But this song is so insiduously catchy that it beat the odds and made me love it. Every time it comes on the radio, I turn up the volume and sing along. I would love to see this song go to number one, but I don't expect that it will. Right now it seems to be stuck in the Top 20, but I certainly hope it can at least crack the Top 10. Unfortunately, country radio lately has not been kind to female singers who are over 30 and do not have blonde hair.

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