Reba McEntire, "I Keep On Loving You"

Among today’s leading ladies in country music, you’ll find hot young stars like Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, and Miranda Lambert. However, veteran/superstar Reba McEntire is still proving she can hang with the young women. In fact, Reba’s last single, “Consider Me Gone,” spent four weeks at number one. Reba hopes to follow that success up with her latest single, “I Keep On Loving You.”

On “Keep On Loving You,” Reba returns with another ballad off of her album of the same title, Keep On Loving You. This ballad contains a storyline about a couple which has had plenty of turbulence throughout its time together. The lyrics, written by Ronnie Dunn and Terry McBride, paint a picture of couple who is on the verge of calling it quits, but the individuals still find a way to keep on loving each other. The chorus is filled with some smart phrases that deal with what a couple might say to one another during or after an argument (“…I keep on loving you/through the baby-don’t-leave-mes/and never-will-agains/and I-promise-tos...”).  

The song’s weakness is definitely the production, which starts out fantastic but then all but drowns Reba’s vocals out in the end. The best part of the song is the beginning where the softer production blends perfectly with the softer vocals. However, that’s all lost as soon as the second verse and chorus is reached. That’s when the steel guitar is met with the drum beats and electric guitar. Then once the bridge comes the production is drowning out the vocals. Usually Reba and her producer Tony Brown avoid over-production but it was somehow missed on this song.

Fortunately, Reba’s emotional performance and vocals save the song from being mediocre and instead elevate it to a fantastic song that country radio will no doubt love.
To support Reba and her song, click the image below to buy “I Keep On Loving You”
I Keep On Lovin' You

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