George Strait, "I Gotta Get to You"

Living legend George Strait has been a constant figure at country radio since his debut single, “Unwound,” hit the charts back in 1981. Since that single, Strait has had over 50 number one singles and 90 singles that have charted on the Billboard charts. The “King” hopes to keep his radio streak going with his latest single, “I Gotta Get to You.” Does the new song have what it takes to reach number one?

Written by Blaine Laresen, Jim Lauderdale, and Jimmy Ritchey, “I Gotta Get to You” is an upbeat song that is hard to resist. Strait narrates a story about a man trying to romance a woman like how she’s romanced him. The song’s lyrics are very average, the two verses are each only two lines long and add nothing substantial to the song. The rest of the song is basically the chorus over and over again (it’s repeated three times).

The production stays true to what Strait and Tony Brown have been doing for the better part of Strait’s career. It’s a mixture of traditional country and mainstream which will make it a perfect fit for country radio. As to be expected, King George delivers a solid vocal performance and proves that he’s one of the best “troubadours” in country music.

There have been plenty of George Strait songs that have been better than this song, but that won’t stop country radio and country fans from falling in love with it.

To download the song, click on the image below.

Gotta Get To You

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