Blaine Larse, "Chillin’"

Blaine Larsen first debuted on the country charts back in 2004 and has since seen little radio success outside of his lone top 20 hit, “How Do You Get That Lonely.” With his traditional style of music, it’s become a career long struggle to gain radio airplay. Can he finally breakthrough with his latest single, “Chillin’,” from his upcoming album?

What I’ve always loved about Blaine Larsen is his traditional sound and style of music. That’s why his album, Rockin’ You Tonight, is one of my favorite country albums. However, Larsen has pretty much ditched that sound for a more mainstream, island production on “Chillin’.” Filled with plenty of island beats, this song talks about just forgetting about the stresses of life and just chilling. The production forces you to picture a beach and the ocean but the song finds the narrator having a good time on the river rather than a beach.

Larsen’s traditional sounding voice is almost a curse because it’s hard for his vocals to blend well with anything but a traditional style production. That’s the main problem with “Chillin’,” his vocal tone and style doesn’t mix well with the more island-y production resulting in an awkward sounding song.

Some voices can pull off the mainstream island songs, but Larsen’s isn’t one of them. His voice is meant and made for more traditional sounding songs. If he wants to garner more radio airplay, he should stick to what he does best and not change anything. However, this song might stand a chance a radio during the upcoming summer season at country radio.

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