Gary Allan, "Get Off on the Pain"

For the better part of his career, Gary Allan has never followed the status quo when it comes to the songs he records. By creating his own brand of country music, Allan has consitently found himself inside the top twenty five on the singles chart. Can the title track from his upcoming album, “Get Off on the Pain,” continue that trend?

On “Get Off on the Pain,” Allan stays true to what we’ve come to expect from him. His vocals contain plenty of soul with rough edges that suits the rock production perfectly. The lyrics pretty much describe Allan and his outlaw ways. He sings about how he loves to love women that do him wrong and how he rides the wrong road. He also admits there’s no one to blame for the way he lives and that he must “get off on the pain.”

The production contains plenty of electrical guitar which has become an Allan trademark. Though the production fits the song perfectly, it could be toned down a bit. Sometimes the vocals get drowned out by the blaring guitars and drums. Other than that, the song is great and is a typical Gary Allan tune.

Gary Allan has always proven to be one of the most artistic country music artists in recent memories. This song once again proves that but fails to provide a different side to Gary Allan. It’ll be interesting to see how country radio responds to a more rock-leaning country song. If his track record remains intact, this song will have a successful run at radio.

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