Single Review: Little Big Town, "Little White Church"

After scoring four straight top twenty hits back in late 2005 and 2006, radio has all but forgotten about country quartet Little Big Town in order to favor new groups like Lady Antebellum and Gloriana. Now, Little Big Town plans on making a splash at radio with their first single from their upcoming album, “Little White Church.” Can the band get back to airwaves with this song?

On “Little White Church,” the group mixes a bluegrass production with a little bit of country rock n’ roll that makes the song one of the band’s most infectious. Bandmate Karen Fairchild takes the vocal lead on a song that finds a woman sick of the broken promises her man keeps making that they’ll oneday get married (Fairchild sings “no more calling me baby/no more loving like crazy … ’til you take me down to the little white church”).

The fast-paced tempo of the song keeps you hooked all the way until a sudden stop filled with nothing but handclapping. Then just as fast as it stopped, the pace comes back lead by a guitar riff that instantly finds you clapping along. Karen’s sassy vocals make up for the less-than-perfect lyrics and are only enhanced by the other bandmates stellar and tight harmonies.

With the mainstream sounds of current supergroup Lady Antebellum among radio’s most played, this Little Big Town ditty is quite a breath of fresh air. Karen, Kimberly, Jimi, and Phillip have always stayed true to their roots in everything they do, and that’s what makes LBT one of the best artistic groups country music has to offer. Here’s to hoping this song catches momentum at radio and gives Little Big Town the success they deserve.

Here’s the song on youtube:


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3 responses to “Single Review: Little Big Town, "Little White Church"

  1. kb

    There is nothing wrong with these lyrics and yes, the song is very infectious! It will be a huge hit for LIttle Big Town, and rightly so!!

  2. This song IS infectious. I can't get it out of my head! A little shock to the system is what country radio needs. This song rocks!

  3. I was trying to figure out what I love about this song and you totally nailed it in your last paragraph. As cool as the instrumentation is and as infectious as the melody and lyrics are…they are entirely authentic and original to Little Big Town's unique sound. Nothing feels like it was manuafactured. I immediately get an image of the band sitting around and spontaneously conjuring up this song for their own enjoyment. It's impossible to hear even a few moments of this new single without immediately knowing who is singing…and that's so rare.

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