Single and Video Review: "’Til Summer Comes Around" Keith Urban

Throughout all of his career, Keith Urban has been one of the best ballad singers in country music. In fact, most of his best singles have been heartbreaking ballads such as “Tonight I Wanna Cry” and “Stupid Boy.” His new single, the heart-wrenching “‘Till Summer Comes Around,” is no exception. In this tune, Urban sings about a summer romance that leaves him longing for his love interest to come back after she’s left at summer’s end. However, like most songs that deal with stories like this, the girl never comes back and leaves the heartbroken male with only the empty boardwalk where they’d once had their happier moments.

What makes this song so great is Keith’s ability to make you believe that he’s gone through the same experience the main character is going through. He has the uncanny ability of making you feel the emotions that the character is going through. His grief-stricken vocal forces you to feel the emotions and heartache that he does. Along with his superb vocals, the haunting and somber guitar melody only fuels the emotional aspect of the song. The production as a whole is fantastic which makes this one of the highlights off of his recent album, Defying Gravity. Look for this song to climb the charts just like his previous singles have.

Video Review
CMT just recently premiered the video for Urban’s “‘Til Summer Comes Around” so I figured it would be a great first video review for the site.

The video begins with Urban left in an empty field thinking of the summers when he was happy and in love. He stands and stares at the still carnival rides and empty boardwalk where they’d spent most of their time. Flashbacks of them riding the rides and showing their love for one another go through his head, but the reality is he’s left standing alone on the boardwalk.

Director Noble Jones does a fantastic job at bringing the song to life. However, there could’ve been a better concept than showing Keith at a boardwalk mainly because it feels almost like a copy of Kenny Chesney’s “Anything but Mine” video. Then again, the two songs deal with the same subject matter so it’s easy to want to do the same concept for the video. I also could’ve done without scenes of Keith singing on the beach because they seem a bit out of place.

Though the video has its flaws, I think its very well-done and does a great job at bringing the images in the song to life. Here’s the video, taken from What’s your take on the song and video?

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