Favorites of 2009: Singles

2009 has given us plenty to talk about when it comes to singles. Some left us speechless with their brilliance while others left us speechless for not-so-good reasons. Some we couldn’t stop singing all year and some we wished we could stop singing. Yes, there were some awful songs released this year but here I’m sharing my top 5 favorite singles of the year.

Number 5: “Welcome to the Future” Brad Paisley
The most recent smash hit for Brad Paisley is one of the finest of his career. He delivers one of the most thought-provoking songs in recent years by connecting history with the future of the world. That couldn’t be more prominent than the song’s last verse:

I had a friend in school
Running back on a football team
They burned a cross in his front yard
For asking out the homecoming queen.

I thought about him today
And everybody who’s seen what he’s seen
From a woman on a bus
To a man with a dream.

When Brad isn’t singing about ticks and alcohol, he sure knows how to get serious and deliver some of the most influential songs.

Number 4: “White Liar” Miranda Lambert
Miranda Lambert knows a great girl-done-wrong song when she sees one and her latest smash is no exception. A story about a woman’s significant other cheating on her with everyone woman in town and lying about it is the backdrop to this 2009 hit. Unlike her other songs that follow in the same vein, Lambert adds a twist at the end of the song unveiling she’s a cheater too. The song further cements Lambert as a mainstream traditionalist by including a prominent guitar melody and plenty of steel guitar in the background. The vocals are delivered with such conviction that make you believe Lambert has gone through the experience before. 2009 wouldn’t have been the same without this breath of fresh air song.

Number 3: “I Run to You” Lady Antebellum
Lady Antebellum’s chart topping smash finds Charles Kelley and Hillary Scott singing about the joy of having one another to run to while things get rough. The voices of Kelley and Scott mesh so well that you almost feel like they’re singing to one another. Adding third member Dave Haywood’s harmonies makes the song’s vocals stellar while the production makes it one of the year’s best feel-good songs. Country music lovers couldn’t stop walking around singing this song and neither could the music industry, seeing as the CMA voted it as Single of the Year. This is, no doubt, Lady A’s door-busting, breakthrough hit.

Number 2: “Need You Now” Lady Antebellum
Yes, yes, I know…I’m a tad obsessed with Lady Antebellum. However, my obsession isn’t unwarranted. With their second chart-topping single of the year, Lady Antebellum deliver a song about a couple’s dependency on one another. The story starts with the lady of Lady A, Hillary Scott, looking through old pictures of a failed relationship while trying to fight the urge to reach for the phone and call her ex-flame. At the same time, Charles Kelley sings about drinking his pain away with “another shot of whiskey” while hoping the girl he loves comes “sweeping in” the door like she used to do in happier times. Both tattered souls reflect on how much they need each other and how difficult it is to resist the urge of each other’s love. The song spent an astonishing 5 weeks atop the country singles chart and made Lady Antebellum one of the year’s most played artists.

Number 1: “Temporary Home” Carrie Underwood
Though the song has only been on the charts for four weeks, it’s brilliant enough to top my list of favorite singles of 2009. In this tear jerking song, Underwood masterfully reflects on how life on earth is just a “temporary home.” She narrates the stories of 3 people, a young foster boy who spends his life going from home to home to a young single mom telling her baby girl they’ll “find their place in this world” to an elderly man realizing his life on earth was just a window and door he had to pass through to reach his ‘home.’ The lyrics of the song aren’t the only thing that make the song a masterpiece. Carrie’s vocals are stellar as she controls her voice from a whisper to a more meaningful tone, as shown when she sings the chorus after telling the single mom’s story. Underwood’s “Temporary Home” is Carrie’s finest single to date and is, no doubt, 2009’s best single…at least in my opinion.

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